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19 Feb 2019
Offline Attribution | 2 min read

Tuning into TV & Radio: How Does Attribution Work?

If you’ve considered running TV or radio ads, then you've questioned h...

18 Dec 2018
Types of Models | 5 min read

Single-Touch vs. Multi-Touch Marketing Attribution

Today, you have more ways to reach potential customers than ever befor...

12 Dec 2018
Types of Models | 3 min read

Rule-Based vs. Machine Learning Attribution Models

By now, you understand that an attribution model is a method used to d...

11 Dec 2018
Conversion Tracking | 2 min read

Why Your Conversion Counts Don’t Match (And Why They Never Will)

A common scenario: Your VP of Marketing asks you to pull conversion re...

29 Nov 2018
Conversion Tracking | 3 min read

Understanding Post-Click vs. Post-View Conversions

When you see a conversion in a report, you might think: My customer cl...

22 Nov 2018
KPIs | 3 min read

How to Calculate CPA Using Different Attribution Models

In its most basic form, calculating cost per acquisition is: amount sp...

21 Nov 2018
KPIs | 2 min read

You’ve Calculated your CPAs, Now What?

By now, you understand that your attribution model determines your CPA...

31 Oct 2018
Preparing for MTA | 2 min read

When Are You Ready for Multi-Touch Attribution?

You’ve likely been using Google Analytics for a while now. It’s invalu...