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08 Jan 2024
News | 3 min read

Rockerbox Becomes a Badged TikTok Marketing Partner

Rockerbox - Ashley McAlpin Written by Ashley McAlpin
on January 08, 2024

We're thrilled to announce that Rockerbox is now a badged TikTok Marketing Partner! This partnership represents a significant step forward in the evolution of digital ad measurement, addressing the challenges presented by a fragmented media landscape and the complex customer journeys of today's market.

Understanding TikTok's Unique Ad Engagement

TikTok is revolutionizing the advertising landscape for its 1 billion global monthly active users. Businesses leveraging TikTok look to understand the tangible impact of their advertising efforts on conversions and revenue. TikTok's vibrant, engaging platform is more than just an ad space; it is a pivotal starting point for multifaceted customer interactions. Recognizing this, Rockerbox's integration with TikTok is tailored to providing insight into how TikTok ads drive customer actions—incorporating both click and view data.

Rockerbox’s Unique Contribution

Rockerbox's integration with TikTok marks a significant advancement in ad measurement, offering brands complete visibility into TikTok’s unique role in the customer journey. By measuring both click and view-influenced conversions on TikTok advertising content, Rockerbox provides deeper insights, enabling brands to understand and optimize their TikTok campaigns effectively.

This approach has shown remarkable results, with initial Rockerbox testing revealing up to a 6x increase in conversions and a 75% improvement in cost-per-acquisition (Source: Rockerbox analysis of Rockerbox users leveraging TikTok click and view-through data vs. only click data, 2023). Rockerbox's platform not only uncovers TikTok's impact on revenue but also how it influences the entire marketing funnel, from top to bottom, offering a comprehensive and nuanced view of TikTok's role in digital marketing strategies.

Here’s how it works:

  • Facilitate optimization for bottom-of-funnel events: Rockerbox makes optimization possible because we provide advertisers with the ability to measure bottom-of-funnel revenue and conversions.
  • Measure key metrics with confidence: Accurately measure the number of purchases TikTok drove, determine the CPA for campaigns, and estimate the ROAS associated with specific campaigns.
  • Track Clicks and Views: On a visual platform like TikTok, clicks don’t tell the full story. Rockerbox incorporates view data directly from TikTok in order to deliver the total view of TikTok’s impact.

Making a Difference for Brands: TULA

Our integration with TikTok has already yielded significant benefits for Rockerbox customers. By leveraging Rockerbox's advanced attribution models, businesses have gained invaluable insights, leading to enhanced campaign performance and improved ROI. These success stories are a testament to the potential of our partnership with TikTok.

“At TULA we are a digital native, social first brand. TikTok became a huge priority for us when it began to pick up traction, but we lacked visibility into the effectiveness of our campaigns. Now with the integration between Rockerbox and TikTok, our insight into the platform has improved so dramatically that our ROAS jumped up over 5x from what it was historically—which is huge,” said TULA Director of Growth Marketing, Caroline Valenzano. “Rockerbox is our source of truth, and at the forefront of our media decisions. The integration with TikTok gives us so much more confidence and clarity. Before this integration, we were optimizing blindly and now we have eyes to see the path forward.”

This visibility is a direct result of Rockerbox's unique ability to measure purchases and revenue that are directly tied back to TikTok advertising.

TikTok’s Newest Group of Measurement Partners

As part of TikTok's newest group of partners in Cross-Channel and Lift Measurement, Rockerbox stands out with its innovative approach to ad measurement.

"Partnering with our Cross Channel and Lift measurement experts provides better visibility into consumer behavior beyond last click," says Melissa Yang, Global Head of Marketing Partnerships and Industry Education at TikTok. “Working with our partners reveals the true impact of TikTok marketing campaigns, while also providing strategic insight that can be leveraged to drive meaningful growth for businesses.”

Rockerbox’s partnership with TikTok is a game-changer in digital advertising, offering unparalleled insights into the true impact of marketing campaigns. We're committed to empowering businesses with the most advanced tools for measuring ad effectiveness, helping them achieve remarkable growth in a dynamic digital landscape.

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