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16 Apr 2024
2 min read

Rockerbox MMM Deep-Dive: Customize Your Model with Your Own Data

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on April 16, 2024

Marketing mix modeling (MMM) is a powerful statistical analysis that can help you uncover the correlation between your marketing investments and your bottom line—all without the need for user-level data. Rockerbox’s MMM platform makes MMM accessible to marketers and finance professionals that want to be more data-driven with their decision making around budgets.

There’s a lot of reasons to love Rockerbox MMM, and in this series, we’re highlighting all the great features you might not have known about. One such feature is our data uploader that allows you to customize your model with just about any kind of marketing investment data, including paid and non-paid elements.

Feature Highlight: Upload Your Own Data to the MMM Model

The quality of the data makes all the difference when it comes to leveraging marketing mix modeling. Rockerbox MMM automatically pulls in spend from 7 top ad platforms and revenue from Shopify, but we also let you upload all of your own data, including spend data from other platforms, and revenue data beyond Shopify. This results in more comprehensive outputs incorporating all channels your brand uses, and also more realistic ROAS numbers.

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Revenue from Shopify and Beyond

Many companies use Shopify as their main ecommerce platform, but they may also leverage Amazon and other platforms. With our data uploader, you can incorporate data from multiple revenue platforms beyond Shopify.

Include Spend and Non-Spend Factors

MMM as a statistical analysis historically incorporates factors outside of spend in order to build a holistic model of what impacts revenue. Rockerbox MMM lets you factor in multiple kinds of marketing investments and external factors so your model is accurate to your specific situation. Those marketing investments can include:

  • Email or SMS sends
  • PR views
  • Sales/promo dates
  • Macroeconomic features (ex: interest or inflation rates)
  • Competitor activity
  • Mobility index (a measure of how often people are leaving their house)

User-Friendly Uploader

On top of all the things our data uploader unlocks, it’s also user-friendly, designed to be used as often as necessary to refresh your model.

Become a More Data-Driven Marketer, Easily

Rockerbox MMM is the platform you need to take the guesswork out of budgeting. Add your own data and let the model do its work to help you build a budget that’s based on historical performance and optimized for growth. Talk to our team today about leveraging Rockerbox MMM at your company.

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