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05 Oct 2023
Product | 2 min read

Rockerbox's Track Product: First-Party Data to Power MTA

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on October 05, 2023

As a marketer you know that data is key. Quality data helps you target campaigns correctly, understand your customers, craft messaging that truly resonates with your audience, and give you insight into the performance of your marketing.

At Rockerbox we’re all about quality data, and our Track product was created to help marketers get access to a reliable first-party dataset to build reports and analyses off of that unlock the full picture of the buyer journey. Track, used in combination with our MTA product Journey, helps you understand at a granular level how your marketing efforts on every platform are affecting conversions.

Track is one of six new targeted products created to meet the needs of B2C marketers. Read about all the products in our launch blog!

Unveiling Track: A Snapshot

Track was created to solve the problem of getting access to a first-party dataset for marketing analysis. As with many data collection tasks, building this kind of dataset requires navigating  technical complexities, privacy restrictions, and shifting analytics tools.

Rockerbox handles all of this and delivers first-party data that helps you dig into every touchpoint in a buyer’s journey to purchase. Through this product, we integrate with our customers' website and ecommerce platforms to track the various stages of the marketing funnel and build a full picture of conversions and the touchpoints that contributed to them.

Solving Business Problems with Track

When you’re gathering performance numbers from individual platforms, it’s common to run into numbers that give undue credit to the platform you’re gathering them from. This is due to the fact that platforms themselves only can report on their contribution to a conversion. With a third-party platform like Rockerbox, we’re able to deliver unbiased performance numbers so you can see the accurate impact of each channel on your bottom line.

How You’ll Use Track on a Regular Basis

The true benefit of Track is how it powers other Rockerbox products to deliver you the views and analyses you need to understand your marketing. Track can be used in conjunction with:

  • Journey: This product gives marketing teams a granular view of all the actions buyers take along the path to purchase. This MTA approach unlocks multiple funnel insights that can help marketers make data-driven decisions about where to spend their time, energy, and budgets.
  • Export: This product gives you full control of your data, allowing you to export it to your data warehouse for further analysis in the BI tools of your choice, to Google Sheets, or elsewhere for additional reporting.

Track: Privacy-Conscious First-Party Data

The only way to get a full, accurate view of the customer journey is through accurate, unbiased data. Explore Track today for the solution to your data needs.

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