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27 Mar 2024
Use Case | 2 min read

Webinar — A TikTok Tale: Rebag’s TikTok + Rockerbox Strategy for Success

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on March 27, 2024

TikTok is used by almost 5 million U.S. businesses to reach their audiences and promote products and services. As of November 2023 with the launch of Rockerbox’s updated TikTok integration, businesses leveraging TikTok now have the ability to get total visibility into the impact of their TikTok advertising on conversions and revenue. One of the companies taking advantage of this partnership is second-hand luxury fashion marketplace Rebag.

In “A TikTok Tale: Rebag’s TikTok Strategy for Success” you'll learn how Rebag saw success with the Rockerbox/TikTok integration and how you can leverage the integration for your business.


  • Emily Shreero, Product Manager, Rockerbox
  • Mohit Arora, Global Product Marketing Manager - Monetization, TikTok
  • Elizabeth Layne, CMO, Rebag

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Rockerbox + TikTok: Better Together

The Rockerbox TikTok integration (updated version launched November 2024), gives marketers insight into TikTok’s full impact on their company’s bottom line. With the integration, marketers can:

Tie TikTok advertising back to revenue: Rockerbox is currently the only third-party measurement platform that can show you how well TikTok is driving conversions.

Facilitate optimization for bottom-of-funnel events: Rockerbox makes optimization possible because we provide advertisers with the ability to measure bottom-of-funnel revenue and conversions.

Measure key metrics with confidence: Accurately measure the number of purchases TikTok drove, determine the CPA for campaigns, and estimate the ROAS associated with specific campaigns. With Rockerbox view-through and click data, the reliability of key metrics improved considerably. In initial testing with view-through and click data, advertisers found that there were actually 6x as many conversions attributed to TikTok, resulting in a 75% improvement in CPA compared to the performance with clicks alone.

Success Story: How Rebag Leveraged Rockerbox and TikTok

The combination of Rockerbox and TikTok is a powerful resource for marketers looking to leverage social video content to drive revenue. In this webinar, you’ll learn what challenges the marketers at Rebag were facing before implementing TikTok and Rockerbox, what their goals were in leveraging the platforms and the integration, and concrete information on the benefits they saw from TikTok and Rockerbox.

Some of the use cases you’ll learn about include:

  • Benchmarking deduplicated performance by tactic against TikTok
  • Optimizing across marketing channels by comparing similar tactics
  • Analyzing time period comparisons by tactics or customer types month over month for TikTok

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