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01 May 2024
Marketing | 2 min read

Rockerbox MMM Deep-Dive: Explore Budget Scenarios for Maximum Impact

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on May 01, 2024

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Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) allows you to look at the impact your marketing investments are making on foundational KPIs like revenue and conversions, ultimately helping you make smarter spending decisions. Historically, MMM models took time to create and the results only reflected a point in time. With Rockerbox’s modernized MMM product, you can create customized models incorporating a wide range of data and update them regularly as your needs, goals, and marketing mix changes.

There’s a lot of reasons to love Rockerbox MMM, and in this series, we’re highlighting all the great features you might not have known about. In this blog, we’re covering the Scenario Planner, which allows you to explore multiple different budget scenarios and find the best one for your business goals.

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Feature Highlight: Scenario Planner

In the Scenario Planner, you can create budgeting plans for all of your marketing channels, from search to social to display and beyond, and include non-spend data like email/SMS sends, competitor activity, and more. What’s more, you can also customize the plan to fit your exact budgeting objectives and constraints, and the length of time you want to forecast your performance.

Set Budgeting Objectives

While maximizing revenue is often a main goal of making budget adjustments, you might be in pursuit of a more nuanced goal. Rockerbox’s Scenario Planner lets you choose from the following objectives:

  • Maximize revenue
  • Optimize channel mix using existing budget
  • Reduce budget
  • Expand budget
  • Optimize to a ROAS target

Set Budgeting Constraints

As a marketer, you know that the most useful budget recommendations are those based in reality. With Rockerbox’s Scenario Planner, you can set a number of constraints, including:

  • Min/Max ROAS
  • Revenue
  • Total Budget
  • Min/Max Budget for individual Platform

Data-Driven Budgeting—At Your Fingertips

Rockerbox MMM makes it easy to know how much to budget and where to increase/decrease spend for the best results. It’s the ideal to help marketers and finance professionals leverage data for smarter spending. Learn more in a 1-1 meeting with one of our measurement experts.

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