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05 Jan 2024
Marketing | 2 min read

Rockerbox Events On-Demand

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on January 05, 2024

Re-Experience Key Sessions and Speakers from Our Digital Conferences

Rockerbox made big moves in 2023 by running not one but two digital conferences. Rockerbox Summer Camp and Rockerbox Holidaze garnered close to 1,000 registrants and delivered 20 insightful marketing sessions.

Even though the live events are long over, we want you to be able to benefit from the lessons learned. That’s why we’re launching an on-demand event hub on our website so you can browse and watch all the sessions from our events even if you didn’t get a chance to attend live.

Watch the Sessions on Demand

Rockerbox Summer Camp

In the summer of 2023 we hosted our very own virtual “summer camp” experience for our audience. The event sessions centered around the themes of our new product lines, and speakers ranged from partners like Reddit, Power Digital, and Snapchat, to customers like Kajabi, Nutrafol, FIGS, and Greenlight.

Session Highlight: Driving Channel Efficiency with Rockerbox: Tips & Tricks from Rockerbox's Super Users

In this customer panel, Rockerbox Head of CS Kelsey Kearns talked with customer champions from Babylist and Mockingbird about their top tips for how they approach in-channel optimization and see success with Rockerbox.

Rockerbox Holidaze

Black Friday/Cyber Monday is a pivotal sales period for many of our customers, so we curated an event set to bring all of the planning pieces together—Rockerbox Holidaze. This one-day event included a repeat appearance from popular presenter Ben Dutter from Power Digital speaking on diversified measurement, a 1-1 conversation between Rockerbox’s CEO Ron Jacobson and Trifecta CEO Greg Connolly on holiday best practices, and much more.

Session Highlight: How Nomatic Leveraged Rockerbox to Test and Scale Into Traditional Channels for the Holidays

Rockerbox CSM Theja Talla was joined by Nate Benner from gear company Nomatic to discuss how they used Rockerbox to improve their holiday marketing approach and results in 2022—including concrete examples and metrics.

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Replay these sessions and more for insights into how to become a better, more effective marketer in 2024.

Watch the Sessions on Demand

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