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Multi-Touch Attribution: See the True Impact of Your Marketing

Multi-touch attribution is the marketing measurement solution to answering the question of what’s working across your marketing strategy. With Rockerbox’s approach to MTA in the Rockerbox Journey product, you get a clear view of the relative impact of all of your marketing channels, you get a clear view of the relative impact of all of your marketing channels and you can monitor key metrics down to the ad set level. 

Metrics you can track in Rockerbox’s cross-channel attribution report

  • Conversions
  • Revenue
  • Spend
  • CPA
  • ROAS
  • Avg. revenue per conversion

A Holistic View
of Your Performance

See your conversions and revenue over time as well as the high-level breakdown of what’s driving people to take action. 

Data Centralization Graphics_Accurate view

Drill Down to the Channel, Campaign, Ad Level

Access key metrics for all your channels, online and offline, digital and organic—even hard-to-measure channels. 


Cross-channel report: Campaign Performance Insights to Help You Optimize Your Marketing

As a marketer, your job comes down to this. You need to launch strategies, build campaigns, and produce deliverables that drive sales and revenue, whether you sell a physical product or a service.

How gorjana Used Rockerbox to Boost Spend 10x, ROAS 2x

The Problem

This successful jewelry brand was ready to scale beyond the limited last-click insights available in Google, and an MTA solution was necessary to power their ambitious multi-channel strategy. 

The Solution

Rockerbox Journey gave gorjana the confidence to experiment and scale spend the smart way, resulting in a 10x increase in spend while boosting ROAS 2x. 
“Rockerbox has allowed us to feel confident in scaling and seeing how our dollars influence the entire customer journey. We have so much more intelligence in terms of optimizing campaigns holistically and knowing where these campaigns fit within the customer journey.”

How Rockerbox's MTA Works

Rockerbox MTA is custom-built off only your data to give you a totally personalized view. Your finished model will assign fractional credit to all marketing touchpoints a user is exposed to, showing you their impact relative to each other.

Each touchpoint receives its own unique weight, which is determined by:

1. Marketing Touchpoint Cohorts

Breaking out the below cohorts against each marketing touchpoint
  • Users that were exposed to marketing and convert
  • Users that were exposed to marketing and DIDN’T convert
  • Users who convert without any marketing touchpoints

2. Analyze Effectiveness

We apply a logistic regression model against the data sets, which results in weights against each touchpoint representing the effectiveness in driving a user to convert. 

3. Determine Credit

Applying this weight as a relative value on the user's path to conversion. For example, a user's path to conversion might contain 2 marketing touchpoints. Touchpoint A has a weight of .05 and Touchpoint B has a weight of .025. When applied to a single path to conversion, Touchpoint A would receive 2x more credit than touchpoint B because the weight is 2x higher.

Rockerbox Journey:
Attribution Insights and More

Marketing Paths

Gain insight into the touchpoints that lead your customers to convert. 

Funnel Paths

Understand the value of your marketing channels in the context of your larger funnel.

Conversion Funnel

Analyze performance at different segments of your marketing funnel. 

Channel Overlap

Explore the overlap between your channels and understand how it’s hurting or helping you.

New Visitors

Analyze your new site visitors and which parts of your marketing are impacting them. 
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Multi-touch Attribution and Marketing Mix Modeling:
The Right Tool for the Right Job

We believe that marketers shouldn’t be limited to one measurement method. Instead, use different methods as they were designed—the right tool for the right job.

MTA excels at giving you the granular information you need to optimize your marketing on a daily basis, but when it comes to high-level questions about how to allocate your budget, that’s where Rockerbox MMM, which leverages Marketing Mix Modeling, comes in.  This diversified approach provides you with more realistic goals and ongoing support as you scale, and it meets the needs of all your stakeholders, from channel managers to CMOs.

digital advertising attribution

Make Smarter Marketing Decisions

With Rockerbox Journey’s MTA, you can evaluate your marketing channels' impact on conversion down to a granular level and be more empowered to make data-driven decisions. And that’s just one of the features included in Journey. Talk to our team about how you could leverage Rockerbox at your brand today.