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03 May 2024
Webinar | 1 min read

[Webinar] TV/CTV 3x3: 3 News Stories, 3 Questions, 3 Trends on the Current TV/CTV Landscape

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on May 03, 2024

What’s new in CTV/TV? We’re answering that question from multiple perspectives in a webinar with DirectAvenue on May 30, 2024, at 11 a.m. ET. In “TV/CTV 3x3: 3 News Stories, 3 Questions, 3 Trends on the Current TV/CTV Landscape” we’ll share the latest CTV/TV news, discuss trends to watch out for and debate some of the most relevant questions for CTV/TV advertisers.

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TV/CTV Webinar: Who’s Hosting?

We’re teaming up with our partners at DirectAvenue, who bring with them years of expertise in the world of TV/CTV advertising, plus a current knowledge of trends and best practices in that space. DirectAvenue hosts include:

  • Nicky Delasalle, VP of Growth, DirectAvenue
  • Josh Pico, Senior VP of Media, DirectAvenue

Joining them will be Rockerbox’s own Patrick Reed, CSM, who has particularly relevant experience working with Rockerbox clients on measuring their performance across all their marketing channels, including CTV/TV.

TV/CTV Webinar: What Are We Covering?

In this webinar, we’re delivering a well-rounded state of CTV, including news stories, discussion topics, and trend insights. Join to hear us cover topics like: 

  • Walmart’s Vizio buy — what does it mean for advertisers?
  • What are some best practices for CTV/TV advertising and measurement in 2024?
  • Up to 80% of U.S. adults are streaming viewers—and other trends!

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