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15 Sep 2023
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Rockerbox's Optimize Product Line: Set Campaign Goals, Get Regular Optimization Insights

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on September 15, 2023

At Rockerbox, we’re here to support marketers at all levels to handle both the very high-level tasks (long-term budget planning) and very granular tasks (understanding the buyer journey and optimizing individual ad campaigns).

Our new Optimize product was created for the latter purpose—to help marketers (mostly channel managers) evaluate their marketing campaigns and make smart spend adjustments to reach CPA or ROAS goals.

Optimize is one of six new targeted products created to meet the needs of B2C marketers. Read about all the products in our launch blog!

Unveiling Optimize: A Snapshot

Optimize was created specifically for B2C channel managers to help them keep tabs on campaign health and answer questions about where money should be allocated across campaigns, where spend should be pulled back or scaled up, and how well their brand is performing against goals.

With the Optimize UI, channel managers can set goals for CPA or ROAS and get spend recommendations to help them move closer to hitting those goals.

Not only can you see your marketing performance down to a granular level, but Optimize also helps you see where your strategy should take you next based on your own goals.

Solving Business Problems with Optimize

Rockerbox’s new products are use-case focused, meaning we analyzed how our customers used and found success with our platform and curated the right features and views to satisfy those specific needs.

For Optimize, the main problem we’re solving revolves around spend efficiency. There’s a large amount of pressure on marketers to track spend back to revenue and to make sure that any monetary investments are paying off. Optimize helps to remove the guesswork around making optimizations in individual channels by providing clear insights around which spend adjustments will get a company closer to their ROAS or CPA goals.

How You’ll Use Optimize on a Regular Basis

Optimize, which is available in the Platform Reported Performance View, is designed to be simple and quick to put into use.

  1. After navigating to the Platform Reported Performance View, simply follow the prompts to add a goal.
  2. Select ROAS or CPA depending on your own targets.
  3. Goals can be fixed or based on a dynamic moving average that helps you understand both how your campaigns are performing overall and where there are optimization opportunities.  
  4. Filters can be used to drill down to subchannels or specific campaigns for more targeted optimization recommendations.
  5. After you save your goal you’ll start seeing spend recommendations that’ll tell you where to reduce spend, increase spend, or where you’re right on target.

Optimize: Smarter Campaign Spending Through Data

With Rockerbox Optimize it’s easier than ever to keep your campaign effectiveness up while reducing wasted spend.

Visit our website to explore the tool that helps you maximize your campaign budgets.

Learn More about Rockerbox Optimize

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