Full Marketing Data Foundation

Measurement is only as good as the data you're measuring.

  • Data Ingestion

    Everything starts with Rockerbox's 1st party pixel. From there, Rockerbox has over 200 integrations to centralize your conversion, click, view and spend data. This is then combined with surveys, promo codes and offline marketing to ensure Rockerbox can scale with your business.

  • Data Cleaning

    Getting the data in is just the first part. Rockerbox handles all the data cleansing and normalizing that's needed before any analysis can begin. Rockerbox's Identity resolution then ensure your touchpoints are properly connect, whether on decktop, mobile or offline.

  • Data Egress

    All of your data sets (platform performance, conversions, spend, path to conversion and sessions) are made available wherever you need it, whether in Rockerbox's UI, or automatically synced and updated in Google Sheets or your data warehouse. This is the marketing foundation you, your data analysts and engineers need to scale.


Best in Class Marketing Attribution

Rockerbox future proofs your measurement by providing you with access to all the marketing methodologies a scaling brand needs

  • Agnostic to Measurement Methodology

    Start with the classic rule based attribution models (first, last and even weight). As you scale, get access to Rockerbox's Data Driven Attribution which is custom built for each brand.

    But these approaches are just the start. With Rockerbox you leverage post purchase surveys, promo codes or Rockerbox Experiments for running marketing tests.

  • Analyses Built for Digital Brands

    From New Visitor Analytics to Linear TV Lift Analysis to Survey Deep Dive to Funnel Position analysis, Rockerbox provides a full suite of analyses that goes beyond any one methodology.

  • Transparent and Neutral

    With Rockerbox everything is transparent. There are no black boxes or secret approaches to measurement that we won't reveal. See first hand the details behind how our measurement works.

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Succeed on Facebook and Beyond

There's no need to fly blind on Facebook post iOS14

  • Synthetic Events

    With Synthetic Events, Rockerbox is able to provide the most accurate cross channel reporting of Facebook Clicks and Views. By leveraging Rockerbox's 1st party Pixel, combined with ~5 years of building data science models atop aggregate data sets, marketers are able to succeed on Facebook with Rockerbox.

  • Expanding beyond Facebook

    Rockerbox is able to keep up as you scale digitally beyond Facebook. From TikTok to Snapchat to Podcasts to Programatic, Rockerbox is fully able to support your expansion.

    Strategic partnerships with Pinterest and Reddit ensure that Rockerbox is fully able to measure views on these channels.

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Full Measurement for Offline Marketing

With Rockerbox you can measure and scale into offline.

  • Linear TV, OTT, Direct Mail

    For 5 years Rockerbox has been providing marketers with the confidence to expand into offline marketing channels. By combining digital and offline into one platforms, marketers are never flying blind or limited in their ability to measure their marketing as they scale their marketing mix.

  • Sponsorships & Poscasts

    Sponsorship Attribution for Podcasts combines multiple measurement methodologies — vanity URLs, promo codes, post-purchase surveys, and more — with Rockerbox's attribution modelling to quantify the true impact of these ads. This is unified with podcast spend to provide one location where brands can understand the return on their podcast sponsorship dollars.