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31 May 2022
2 min read

Discover Ad Spend Trends in our State of Spend Dashboard

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on May 31, 2022

Digital ad spending was so high in 2021, it even surprised the experts. Jumping up 35% from 2020, spend on digital advertising hit a whopping $189 billion, according to the IAB. With so much money pouring into social media, podcasts, search, and other channels, savvy marketers need to know how spend trends are changing and how their strategy is stacking up. 

At Rockerbox, we have helped hundreds of the top DTC and ecommerce brands better understand the impact of their spend. Now, we’re leveraging that data to help you better understand the state of spend as you look to optimize your ROAS.

In our State of Spend dashboard, you can get the latest data on where top DTC brands are putting their advertising dollars so you can make more informed decisions for your own organization. 

State of Spend Dashboard

Rockerbox is tracking and helping customers maximize over $1.5 billion in annual ad spend. We’re supporting DTC brands and other companies by helping them identify which activities are affecting and driving conversions. The data in our State of Spend dashboard comes from the activities of those 150+ customers, including big names like Tula, Rothy’s, and Burton. This dashboard is updated periodically and includes information on the spend breakdown across Facebook, Google, OTT, Direct Mail, and other sources. 


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Why Does it Matter to You? 

Marketing is always in flux, and what works one month might not work the next. This dashboard can give you an idea of where top brands are spending their money so you can make sure you’re not missing any important channels and you can maximize your investment by doubling down on the channels that are gaining traction. It also gives you insight into how consumers might be interacting with ads on those channels. 

Looking Forward 

Digital ad spend is always in flux, whether it’s due to an existing channel like Facebook experiencing intermittent performance issues or a channel like TikTok beginning to grow in popularity. While we can't always predict how ad spend will change in the future, we can track the data so you have a realistic look at trends.

Bookmark our State of Spend dashboard to stay on top of ad spend as it evolves. 


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