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14 Jun 2023
Marketing | 2 min read

The May 2023 Rockerbox Feature Releases That Changed the Game for Marketers

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on June 14, 2023

Channel managers, our recent releases have all been focused on making your day-to-day responsibilities easier and making you a more effective marketer. Our mid-month release of Goals and Recommendations gives you the tools you need to set goals for your channel performance and monitor progress toward those targets.

Read more about this release and other improvements we made over the past month.

Goals and Recommendations: Cheat Codes for Your Marketing

Rockerbox has consistently excelled in delivering the essential "what" in marketing.

By this, we mean providing crucial information about expenditure, cost per acquisition (CPA), and return on advertising spend (ROAS) across all advertising channels.

However, we recognized the need to go beyond and address the question of "what's next." Introducing our latest offering, the Goals and Recommendations feature. This powerful tool empowers marketers to chart a course for the future by setting ROAS and CPA goals. Furthermore, it provides personalized recommendations on where to allocate more or less resources in order to achieve those goals.

Learn more about the feature on our blog.

Saved Reports

Rockerbox’s platform contains a TON of data and information on how your marketing is performing—so much so that it could be overwhelming without the right features in place.

Rockerbox’s Saved Reports help solve this problem by allowing you to set often-used configurations on reports and save those views for quick and easy access. Recently we improved our Saved Reports feature by adding:

  • Improved visibility (a dedicated spot in the header of your account)
  • Saved view list based on your reports and shared ones
  • Ability to add a description when saving a report and edit names and descriptions after the fact
  • Summary of saved report when creating so you know exactly what you are saving

Platform Performance Benchmarks

Do you ever wonder how your performance stacks up to others in your industry? Now we have a way to dig into this data in the Rockerbox platform. In May we added platform performance benchmarks to Rockerbox that allow you to see key performance benchmarks for various industries or by average monthly ad spend for a particular platform.

You can explore ROAS and CPA for Facebook, as well as CPM, CTR, CPC for Adwords, TikTok, Snap, Bing and Pinterest.

Check out the data in your Rockerbox account or sign up for free to see the insights.

Interested in Learning More?

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