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Discover how effective your search marketing is

Search, both paid and organic, is a powerful way to reach new customers and bring them closer to making a purchase. With Rockerbox, you can track all your search activities on multiple top platforms. 

Our search integrations include:

  • Google
  • Bing & Yahoo
  • Apple Search Ads
  • Any organic search traffic

Search advertising performance—in context

Search is powerful, but it rarely operates within a vacuum. Imagine you run a TV spot and you want to understand the impact that placement had on search activities. Rockerbox can help you get visibility and understand the correlation between search and all the other marketing activities you do. 

When you have a realistic picture of cross-channel performance, you’re empowered to make better creative and spend decisions for your company.


Uncover the path to conversion and
the impact of search

Where do your buyers begin their purchase journey? What drives them to make the eventual purchase? Where does search come in? With Rockerbox, you get a full view of the buyer journey from start to finish. 

How it works

Rockerbox tracks branded search

Leverage automated tracking and categorization for your branded search campaigns to understand the interplay between search and other channels. 

Rockerbox tracks non-branded search and shopping ads

View performance by related keyword types to identify top-performing search terms and optimize your SEM strategy. 

Rockerbox tracks organic activity

Understand the role of organic searches and your marketing content in the customer path to purchase. 

digital advertising attribution

Don’t skip search engine measurement

Is your search engine marketing performing the way you think it is? Is search a top-funnel or  bottom-funnel channel? Are you confident about testing into new search channels? Rockerbox helps answer all these questions and ensure that the time and energy you spend on search is worth it.

Reach out to us to learn more about how Rockerbox helps you optimize your marketing.