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23 Jan 2024
News | 4 min read

Rockerbox + MNTN Launch Official Partnership

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on January 23, 2024

Unlock Total CTV Visibility Like Never Before

Ready to experience way more visibility for your CTV ad performance? We’re excited to announce our official integration with MNTN’s CTV Performance Marketing Platform. The cookie-less integration offers a future-proof way for marketers to get clarity into the total impact of CTV on revenue and conversions. With Rockerbox and MNTN, companies can gain insight into the hard-to-track world of connected TV in order to optimize ads and make better marketing decisions.

MNTN Verified Visits + Rockerbox = Greater Visibility and Clarity

Through the Rockerbox + MNTN integration, marketers are able to leverage the power of MNTN’s proprietary Verified Visits™ attribution to provide a more reliable picture of CTV’s impact on site visits and conversions.

With the Verified Visits methodology used to add user-level and household-level touchpoints to Rockerbox’s path-to-conversion, Rockerbox’s marketers gain the confidence that their view of CTV performance is based on an accurate picture of which ads prompted users to take action. Through our integration, we combine MNTN data with data from other marketing channels to create a comprehensive view of performance.

The lift from this enhanced tracking method is clear in initial results from the integration—advertisers saw up to a 5x increase in attributed conversions and an 82% improvement in CPA with Verified Visits data compared to the performance with impression pixel tracking alone.

Future-Proof Marketing Measurement

As Chrome begins phasing out third-party cookies, some measurement approaches, including 3rd-party impression tracking for display, native, or OTT deterministic view-through, will no longer be viable due to the lack of a definitive UUID associated with users. The Rockerbox + MNTN integration is cookie-less, making it a future-proof solution for analyzing CTV in light of the retirement of third-party cookies in Chrome.  

CTV Proven as a Powerful Marketing Channel

As consumers’ preference shifts from linear TV toward streaming services and internet-connected devices, advertisers are responding by funneling more budget into this growing advertising channel—and the increase isn’t subtle. CTV ad spend is expected to reach an astounding $40 billion by 2027 in the U.S.

According to research on CTV’s impact, the increased spend is paying off. Data from Comscore highlights a lift of upwards of 20% in areas such as brand awareness, purchase intent, and brand recall from advertising.

While aggregate statistics on CTV’s impact are promising and attractive, it’s vital as a company advertising on CTV to have a reliable source of quality data on your own CTV performance and how it plays into your larger marketing strategy.

How National University Elevates Their Marketing with Rockerbox + MNTN      

The power of combining MNTN’s highly accurate CTV data with Rockerbox’s holistic platform are evident from the benefits that customers like National University are already seeing from the integration.

“Integrating MNTN’s Verified Visits with Rockerbox’s precise measurement platform has been extremely effective in analyzing performance,” said Michael Rossini, Associate Director of Paid Media and Performance Marketing at National University. “We are now able to measure the performance of National University’s connected TV campaigns alongside our other marketing channels and use that unbiased measurement to better inform strategic decisions. The knowledge gained has enhanced confidence as we scale our CTV campaigns.”

Leveraging CTV Data in Rockerbox

Rockerbox excels in helping you build a full picture of the customer journey, but we also help you leverage the data collected through our integrations in multiple ways to support your own analysis and decision-making.


With Rockerbox Journey and the MNTN + Rockerbox integration, you can get insight into CTV performance and get a holistic understanding of the entire path to purchase and where CTV falls in the buyer journey.

Marketers can understand how CTV performs in comparison with other top channels, how it impacts new and existing customers, how its audience overlaps with other channels, and so much more.

This leads to nuanced insights such as:

  • 70% of advertisers saw CTV CPAs between 18-33% lower than their top spending acquisition channels (ex. Paid Social, TV)
  • Advertisers saw an 18% lower CPA with MNTN CTV than traditional linear TV


With MMM, you can leverage the power of marketing mix modeling to assess the impact of spend on revenue for channels like MNTN and others.


Rockerbox’s Track product creates a first-party, marketing centric, user-level dataset designed to help explore and answer key questions about marketing. Our integrations with MNTN and many other platforms help to build out this dataset to create a complete record of touchpoints.


Not only can you leverage MNTN data within our platform, you can also export it as needed to your own data warehouse where it can be combined with other customer and business data and analyzed further in business intelligence tools.

Leverage Rockerbox + MNTN for Total CTV Visibility

CTV could be your ticket to driving increased conversions in 2024, and that’s why it’s critical that you have a clear understanding of its impact on your bottom line. With the Rockerbox integration, you can access high-quality data for CTV and all of your other marketing channels and see a deduplicated view of performance and CTV’s impact on the buyer journey.

Find out more about our integration in a live demo.

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