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16 May 2024

[Trends] What Channels Should You Be Exploring in in 2024?

Does it seem like there’s always a new marketing or advertising channe...

written by Maggie Tharp
14 May 2024

Rockerbox MMM Deep-Dive: Customize your KPIs

Read the other blogs in this series: Scenario Planner, Data Upload Too...

written by Maggie Tharp
13 May 2024

[Guide] Build vs. Buy: Two Approaches to Creating an MTA Solution

Ever looked at an analytics platform and thought “I could build that”?...

written by Maggie Tharp
13 May 2024

[Webinar] 3 Rockerbox MMM Features to Help You Drive Growth

Are you tired of making marketing decisions based on gut feelings or i...

written by Maggie Tharp
07 May 2024

[Webinar] A Cookie-less Future and What that Means for Marketing

We’re setting the record straight on what the loss of third-party cook...

written by Maggie Tharp

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01 May 2024

Rockerbox MMM Deep-Dive: Explore Budget Scenarios for Maximum Impact

Read the other blogs in this series: Customize KPIs, Data Upload Tool ...

written by Maggie Tharp
30 Apr 2024

[On-Demand Webinar] Should You Buy or Build an MTA Solution?

Many companies exploring marketing measurement consider whether they s...

written by Maggie Tharp
29 Apr 2024

New Year, New Channels: How to Test Into New Marketing Avenues Confidently

While some marketing channels like Facebook and Google might hold what...

written by Maggie Tharp
23 Apr 2024

[Webinar] How CTV Boosts Performance Throughout the Funnel (And How to Measure it with MMM)

CTV advertising is growing rapidly. For advertisers, CTV offers a chan...

written by Maggie Tharp
03 Apr 2024

How to Know if Your Marketing is Working (And Why Deduplication is Your Friend)

At the root of all marketing measurement is one simple question: Is ou...

written by Maggie Tharp
27 Mar 2024

MTA: Better Off Without Third-Party Cookies

A Note from Ron Jacobson, Rockerbox CEO and Co-founder The myth that t...

written by Ron Jacobson
27 Mar 2024

Beyond Clicks: The Metrics That Truly Define Retargeting Success

Guest post by: Rachel Washington, Marketing Manager, Navistone

written by Rachel Washington
20 Mar 2024

Leveraging Rockerbox + TikTok for Growth: A Comprehensive Playbook for Advertisers

TikTok, with its staggering 1 billion monthly active users, has emerge...

written by Maggie Tharp
14 Mar 2024

How to Reduce Confusion and Drive Results with a Marketing Source of Truth

Think of all the different locations and dashboards you have to check ...

written by Maggie Tharp
07 Mar 2024

[Infographic] February 2024 State of Spend

Where are marketers spending their budgets these days? Which channels ...

written by Maggie Tharp
04 Mar 2024

The Good, the Bad, and the Messy of Omnichannel Marketing

Omni-channel marketing has increased in popularity since the pandemic,...

written by Maggie Tharp
28 Feb 2024

What the End of Third-Party Cookies Means for Marketing + Attribution

Guest Contributor: Isaac Uloko, Director Of Measurement and Attributio...

written by Isaac Uloko
26 Feb 2024

The Busy Brand’s Guide to Data Centralization

Having access to high-quality marketing data to analyze performance an...

written by Maggie Tharp
09 Feb 2024

Unlocking the Power of Marketing Mix Modeling: Insights from the Rockerbox Webinar

MMM is all the rage right now, and for good reason. In our recent webi...

written by Ashley McAlpin
24 Jan 2024

[Webinar] Rockerbox MMM Demo

How Rockerbox MMM Stands Apart + How to Leverage Data-Driven MMM To Dr...

written by Maggie Tharp
23 Jan 2024

Rockerbox + MNTN Launch Official Partnership

Unlock Total CTV Visibility Like Never Before Ready to experience way ...

written by Maggie Tharp
22 Jan 2024

#1 in B2C Attribution: G2 Winter 2024 Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Rockerbox has received a series of aw...

written by Ashley McAlpin
08 Jan 2024

Rockerbox Becomes a Badged TikTok Marketing Partner

We're thrilled to announce that Rockerbox is now a badged TikTok Marke...

written by Ashley McAlpin
05 Jan 2024

Rockerbox Events On-Demand

Re-Experience Key Sessions and Speakers from Our Digital Conferences R...

written by Maggie Tharp
02 Jan 2024

Unlocking the Potential: How Data Transforms Marketing Strategies

Today, data is the compass that guides every marketing decision. In th...

written by Ashley McAlpin
13 Dec 2023

3 Tips for a Successful OTT Strategy in 2024

By: Tara Johnson, Senior Content Manager at Tinuiti 2023 has brought a...

written by Tara Johnson
13 Dec 2023

Why Data Matters: Looking at Measurement Beyond Methodology

In today’s fast-paced digital marketing world, the ability to make qui...

written by Ashley McAlpin
04 Dec 2023

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023: A Look at the Numbers

Introduction In the wake of Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) 2023,...

written by Ashley McAlpin
09 Nov 2023

[Webinar] Marketing Measurement Your Way: Rockerbox Live Demo + Q&A

Effective marketing measurement is (1) based in high-quality, complete...

written by Maggie Tharp
02 Nov 2023

Transitioning from Universal Analytics to GA4

(And How Rockerbox Track Bridges the Gap) As if 2023 wasn’t wild enoug...

written by Ashley McAlpin
01 Nov 2023

[Webinar Recap] How to Be a Full Funnel Marketer in 2023 and Beyond

Many marketers aspire to full funnel marketing, but how do you know if...

written by Maggie Tharp
13 Oct 2023

Introducing Collect: Streamline Your Marketing Data for Success

In the world of marketing, data reigns supreme. It's the key that unlo...

written by Maggie Tharp
15 Sep 2023

Rockerbox's Optimize Product Line: Set Campaign Goals, Get Regular Optimization Insights

At Rockerbox, we’re here to support marketers at all levels to handle ...

written by Maggie Tharp
23 Aug 2023

Unlock the Power of OTT Advertising: Watch On-Demand!

Are you ready to conquer the ever-expanding world of OTT/streaming vid...

written by Maggie Tharp
15 Aug 2023

Rockerbox Product Lines: The New Age of Marketing Measurement

As a marketer you need accurate marketing intel on the performance of ...

written by Maggie Tharp
03 Aug 2023

[On-Demand Webinar] Navigating the Shifting Media Landscape: A Guide to Advertising in H2 2023

In today's ever-evolving world of marketing, staying ahead of the curv...

written by Maggie Tharp
03 Aug 2023

Unwrap the Magic of Holidaze - The Ultimate FREE Event for B2C Marketers!

Get ready to enter a world of marketing magic, because Rockerbox Holid...

written by Maggie Tharp
27 Jul 2023

[On-Demand Webinar] Crush the Search Game in 2023: The Unstoppable Combination of Paid + SEO

We joined forces with Electric Orange Creative to reveal the ultimate ...

written by Maggie Tharp
20 Jul 2023

New: Rockerbox Academy Sets You Up for Measurement Success

Rockerbox is taking you back to school, but you get to work at your ow...

written by Maggie Tharp
14 Jun 2023

The May 2023 Rockerbox Feature Releases That Changed the Game for Marketers

Channel managers, our recent releases have all been focused on making ...

written by Maggie Tharp
26 May 2023

Unlocking Insights with Rockerbox's Digital Comparison View

Sure, your most-used advertising platforms like Facebook, Google, and ...

written by Maggie Tharp
19 May 2023

[On-Demand Webinar] How to Prep Your Media Mix Now for a Better Q4

Is your marketing mix serving your current goals? More importantly, wi...

written by Maggie Tharp
16 May 2023

New! Actionable Insights for Channel Managers with Rockerbox

Goals and Recommendations Gives Marketers Campaign-Level Optimization ...

written by Maggie Tharp
27 Apr 2023

3 Questions with Rockerbox: What Snapchat Views Mean for Marketers

Earlier this month, we announced our formal partnership with Snapchat,...

written by Maggie Tharp
24 Apr 2023

Partnerships: A low-cost way for ecommerce businesses to expand revenue and brand awareness

Guest post by Blaire McClure, Product Marketing Manager, Impact

written by Blaire McClure
13 Apr 2023

The B2C Snapchat Playbook: How to Win More Customers with Snapchat + Rockerbox

For brands marketing to a Gen Z and Millennial user base, Snapchat can...

written by Maggie Tharp
12 Apr 2023

[New!] Rockerbox + Snapchat Views: Get the Full Picture of Your Snapchat Campaign Impact

When you’re trying to unlock the full impact of a highly visual platfo...

written by Maggie Tharp
04 Apr 2023

3 Questions with Rockerbox: Why We Created MMM for Shopify

In late February we released MMM for Shopify—a game-changing measureme...

written by Maggie Tharp
03 Apr 2023

The Power of Emotional Advertising: Why It Works and How to Do It Right

In today's crowded advertising landscape, it's more important than eve...

written by Ashley McAlpin
29 Mar 2023

The Game-Changing Features Rockerbox Released in February 2023

February was a monumental month in product releases for Rockerbox with...

written by Maggie Tharp
06 Feb 2023

With a Recession Looming, Brands Must Keep Advertising

A popular adage during times of recession rings true today: “When time...

written by Ashley McAlpin
13 Jan 2023

The Future of Shopping Ads Is Automated

Shopping ads have always held a special place in marketers’ hearts (an...

written by Maggie Tharp
05 Jan 2023

3 Reasons OTT Measurement Is Difficult + How Rockerbox Solves These Problems

Over-the-top or OTT media viewership is stronger than ever and only co...

written by Maggie Tharp
04 Jan 2023

The Future of Profitable Growth: Acknowledging the Separation of Attribution and Ad Optimization

The following post is a guest contribution. All opinions and predictio...

written by Daniel Pearson
29 Dec 2022

9 Expert Tips to Guide Your 2023 Marketing Planning

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. You’ve heard this adage before,...

written by Maggie Tharp
27 Dec 2022

6 Common Attribution Models and When to Use Them

Attribution models are used to measure the effectiveness of marketing ...

written by Maggie Tharp
26 Dec 2022

The Limitations of Using a Control Group to Measure Marketing Effectiveness

Measuring the effectiveness of marketing efforts can be challenging, a...

written by Maggie Tharp
22 Dec 2022

Do You Really Need a CDP?

As a B2C ecommerce company, you may be considering using a customer da...

written by Maggie Tharp
20 Dec 2022

The Pros and Cons of Incrementality Testing

Incrementality testing is a valuable tool for marketers that allows th...

written by Maggie Tharp
15 Dec 2022

5 Reasons DTC Brands are Moving to Retail

The direct-to-consumer (DTC) model has been a major disruptor in the r...

written by Maggie Tharp
08 Dec 2022

Marketing Paths: Unlocking the Customer Journey with Rockerbox 

Imagine the way your potential customers browse the internet. Some mig...

written by Maggie Tharp
02 Dec 2022

37 Things We Released in the Past 6 Months

“Innovation: a new idea, method, or device; novelty: the introduction ...

written by Maggie Tharp
01 Dec 2022

Geo Holdout Testing: What It Is and How to Use It in Your Marketing

The wealth of data available to modern marketers makes it easier than ...

written by Maggie Tharp
29 Nov 2022

Shoppable Videos—What They Are and Why You Should Try Them Soon

Modern digital brands must constantly innovate and experiment with new...

written by Hillary Walters
15 Nov 2022

Rockerbox Reporting vs. In-Platform Reporting—What You Need to Know

Modern DTC and digital brands need accurate data to measure and grow t...

written by Hillary Walters
20 Dec 2019

Single-Touch vs. Multi-Touch Marketing Attribution

Today, you have more ways to reach potential customers than ever befor...

written by Michelle Spagnoli
30 Nov 2019

Rule-Based vs. Machine Learning Attribution Models

By now, you understand that an attribution model is a method used to d...

written by Michelle Spagnoli
01 Sep 2019

Understanding Post-Click vs. Post-View Conversions

When you see a conversion in a report, you might think: My customer cl...

written by Michelle Spagnoli
30 Aug 2019

[Video] Why Are Reported Conversion Counts Greater Than Actual Conversion Counts?

Many customers come to us with questions about conversion counts. When...

written by Michelle Spagnoli
15 Aug 2019

TV and Radio Attribution - How Does it Work?

If you’ve considered running TV or radio ads, then you've questioned h...

written by Michelle Spagnoli
09 Aug 2019

[Video] Best Attribution Practices for In-House Marketers

Rockerbox recently sponsored Grow Commerce New York: a full day connec...

written by Michelle Spagnoli
26 Jun 2019

When Are You Ready for Multi-Touch Attribution?

You’ve likely been using Google Analytics for a while now. It’s invalu...

written by Michelle Spagnoli
04 Apr 2019

How Winning D2C Brands Send Direct Mail

If you asked me a year ago what I thought about direct mail, I would h...

written by Michelle Spagnoli
12 Mar 2019

Pushing the Envelope: How Direct Mail Attribution Works

Now that we’ve covered how to attribute TV and radio ads, we’ll cover ...

written by Michelle Spagnoli
11 Dec 2018

Why Your Conversion Counts Don’t Match (And Why They Never Will)

A common scenario: Your VP of Marketing asks you to pull conversion re...

written by Michelle Spagnoli
22 Nov 2018

How to Calculate CPA Using Different Attribution Models

In its most basic form, calculating cost per acquisition is: amount sp...

written by Michelle Spagnoli
21 Nov 2018

CPA vs. ROAS: When to Use Which

By now, you understand that your attribution model determines your CPA...

written by Michelle Spagnoli
30 Oct 2018

How Does Podcast Attribution Work?

These days, you’re probably hearing a lot about podcasts. My morning s...

written by Michelle Spagnoli

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