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20 Sep 2023
Product | 2 min read

2 Key Updates We Rolled out in August 2023

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on September 20, 2023

Another month, another round of updates to make our platform more effective and easier to use. In this blog, we’re highlighting two updates from August that’ll make a big impact on the benefit our users get from Rockerbox: Custom credit allocation and updates to our Facebook view-based touchpoint modeling.

Custom Credit Allocation

If you’ve ever wanted more customizable control over how the Rockerbox Attribution Report shows the impact of certain channels, you now have that ability with a new feature we’re calling Custom Credit Allocation.

Rockerbox already offers multiple ways to set up your credit distribution, including first-click, last-click, and data-driven MTA, but sometimes those options aren’t enough.

As a channel manager, you might want to be able to customize credit so you can incorporate learnings from outside channel lift studies or adjust your view of your marketing to give more or less credit to certain channels.

Some of the specific use cases you might use custom credit allocation for include:


  • Crediting only paid channels/removing credit from non-paid channels.
  • Removing credit from Direct and re-allocating it across other channels.
  • Increasing credit given to specific hard-to-track channels. You may know this should have more attributed credit based on the outcome of lift studies, or a click:view based conversion ratio.
  • Removing credit from certain bottom of funnel channels (Email, Brand Search) that convert users at a high rate but are not driving new users into the funnel.

Learn more about the feature in our help docs.

Facebook View-Based Touchpoint Updates

Rockerbox incorporates advanced modeling techniques to help our users understand the value of views on their Facebook ads. We recently made updates to our approach to this that make our view-based marketing touchpoint data more accurate and granular.

Updates include:

  • Stronger classification of campaign types from Facebook's reporting
  • User eligibility requirements are more closely aligned to observed behavior

Learn more about all the improvements.

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