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17 Jan 2024
Product | 2 min read

3 Updates We Rolled out in December 2023

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on January 17, 2024

Even in the busyness of the holidays, we made sure to push out several useful updates to our functionality and UI in December 2023. Below, learn about UI updates to our Time Period Comparison feature and graph/table views, and the new ability to export data from a table.

UI Improvements You’ll Love

A Clearer, Simpler View of Time Period Comparison

Our Time Period Comparison feature, released in 2023, allows Rockerbox users to easily compare metrics in the context of historical performance. Users are leveraging this feature to understand:

  • How spend, conversions, or performance changes over time
  • Where performance is trending up and where to continue allocating spend
  • Where is performance trending down, indicating that a platform needs extra attention

In December 2023, we made a small but useful update to this feature, changing the red/green accents that indicated metric changes to a blue color gradient approach. This aesthetic change is in response to customer feedback that the view introduced confusion previously, and aims to make the view simpler and easier to use.

Untitled design-Jan-17-2024-03-01-26-5228-PM

Customizable UI for Easier Reporting

We leverage user feedback and user behavior data to continually make our app easier to use. One such example is the release of more customizable pages within our platform when it comes to the placement of graphs and tables. When we witnessed users skipping past graphs to access tables and needing to scroll up and down to filter their reports, we knew we had to make some UI adjustments.

Now, a user will be able to choose if they want to see the graph then a table, a table only, a graph only, or a table then a graph as needed.

Untitled design-1

Export Data from a Table in the UI

One of our goals at Rockerbox is to be able to provide users with high-quality marketing data when they need it and where they need it.

In order to make that even easier, we’re adding the ability to export data as a CSV directly from a table in the UI—starting with Time Period Comparison on the Attribution Report. This is an easier way for users to export specific data as it appears in their Rockerbox reports, with filters applied. Learn more in our help docs.

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