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15 Sep 2023
Product | 2 min read

[New] Rockerbox + Hightouch: Centralize Even More Data for Greater Insights

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on September 15, 2023

Without centralized, reliable, timely marketing data, it’s almost impossible for marketers to perform the analyses they need to improve their strategy and optimize spend. Rockerbox meets this need by allowing marketers to centralize all their spend and conversion data in one platform.

With the introduction of our Rockerbox + Hightouch integration, we now allow marketers to streamline the transfer of marketing and conversion data from their warehouse to Rockerbox. This new integration helps marketers reduce manual work and get to the insights even faster.

“We’re excited to offer marketers the ability to easily connect their warehouse data to Rockerbox,” said Tejas Manohar, co-founder and co-CEO of Hightouch. “Centralized marketing data is key to truly understanding what’s driving performance– so Hightouch’s Rockerbox integration helps fill in more of that picture.”

Intro to Hightouch

Hightouch is a Reverse ETL solution designed to help companies transfer customer data from their warehouse to 200+ locations, from advertising platforms to ecommerce tools to CRMs. Hightouch offers marketers and data teams other features to make the most of their warehouse data, such as user-friendly audience builders and identity resolution.

An Automated Solution for Getting Warehouse Data into Rockerbox

Rockerbox's integration with Hightouch allows users to set up automated feeds of conversion data from their warehouse to Rockerbox where they can use it to power reports that help them explore the buyer journey, optimize performance, and make better spend decisions.    

Rockerbox provides dozens of direct integrations. In some cases where platforms don’t provide an API, the alternative to upload a batch file can introduce issues such as a lack of consistency with file uploads and data quality, data delays, and added manual work.

This Rockerbox/Hightouch integration provides a more streamlined alternative to these situations where conversion data cannot be connected to Rockerbox via API. With this data synced directly from a customer's warehouse via Hightouch, marketers and data roles can enjoy an automated process with less hands-on intervention.    

Solving Pain Points Across the Organization

An automated transfer of data from Hightouch to Rockerbox helps multiple roles across the organization, including:

  • Data analysts/engineers — Instead of needing to build a pipeline to get data into Rockerbox or manage batch files, these roles are freed up to focus on managing customer data and running analyses to uncover more marketing insights.
  • Marketers — Marketers rely on a centralized source of data to power dashboards and views they use daily. Integrating Rockerbox with Hightouch can provide that extra certainty and peace of mind for companies that need to sync crucial conversion data from their warehouse into Rockerbox.

Setting up the Integration

To learn more about enabling this integration in your Hightouch account, read their help documentation here.

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