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Marketing Mix Modeling: A Time-Tested Method for Better Budgeting

Rockerbox’s MMM helps brands enhance their strategic decision-making through AI-driven projections on the correlation between spend and revenue. The platform allows users to see current ROI and spend recommendations to hit a target ROI, which fuels cross-channel budgeting plans.

With MMM you can upload data from any platform you choose to build your model, and you can take advantage of the platforms Rockerbox automatically includes. 

Included Platforms:


Build budget plans
based on your unique needs and constraints

The Scenario Planner lets you build a cross-channel budget optimized for a goal that you set, whether it's to maximize revenue, optimize ROAS, or something else. 


Incorporate your data for a more customized model

With Rockerbox MMM, you can upload any spend data you want to build out your model—and we go beyond spend too. Include non-spend data like promotion dates, competitor activity, and more to get new insights into how all kinds of business factors could impact your revenue and ROAS.


Visibility into Your MMM Model

Look behind the curtain of your marketing mix model into the data we use to power your recommendations. We show you how our predictions line up with actual past data so you know how reliable your insights are.

MMM Brings Clarity to Your Spend Strategy

How we do MMM

1. Tailored to you

We discuss your business criteria and exactly what you’re trying to get out of Rockerbox MMM.

2. We work with you to get the data

We'll automatically ingest data from core platforms and give you self-service tools to upload any other external data for spend and non-spend factors. This unlocks data freshness and frequent model refreshes.

3. Optimize for your goals with confidence

You get self-service access to a Scenario Planner tool, which you can use and adjust as often as you need. Your data is updated regularly so the MMM insights are relevant on an ongoing basis, not just a point in time. 


Marketing Mix Modeling and
Multi-touch Attribution:

The Right Tool for the Right Job

We believe that marketers shouldn’t be limited to one measurement method. Instead, they should use different methods as they were designed to be used—the right tool for the right job.

MMM can help you make high-level decisions about where to spend your marketing budget across your available channels, then you can use Rockerbox Journey’s MTA capabilities to optimize those channels on a daily basis. This diversified approach provides you with more realistic goals and ongoing support as you scale, and it meets the needs of all your stakeholders, from channel managers to CMOs.

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Don’t Guess—Budget with Confidence Using Rockerbox MMM

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