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Marketing Mix Modeling: A Time-Tested Method for Better Budgeting

Rockerbox’s MMM helps B2C brands make more informed decisions about channels and ad spend in order to meet ROAS and revenue goals. The platform allows users to explore the high-level correlation between ad spend and revenue to determine what’s likely to succeed in the future. 

Ad platforms:


Explore the correlation
between spend and revenue

Use the spend recommendation tool to optimize spend and predicted revenue based on a target ROAS across channels and campaigns. 


Budget smarter with
custom recommendations

Build out a budget based on recommendations that your personalized MMM model delivers with confidence and accuracy including seasonal effects on your revenue. 


Visibility into Your MMM Model

Look behind the curtain of your marketing mix model into the data we use to power your recommendations. Grow your ROI with confidence and insight into past prediction performance.

MMM Brings Clarity to Your Spend Strategy

How it works

Schedule a demo with our team of experts

We’ll discuss your situation and recommend the best Rockerbox option for moving forward. 

We handle the data

We’ll ingest two years of your ad spend and revenue data to build out the model. Don’t worry if you don’t have a full two years — we can work with you!

Optimize your ROI with confidence

You get self-service access to the spend recommendation tool and budget worksheet, which you can use and adjust as often as you need. Your data is updated regularly so the MMM insights are relevant on an ongoing basis, not just a point in time. 


Marketing Mix Modeling and
Multi-touch Attribution:

The Right Tool for the Right Job

We believe that marketers shouldn’t be limited to one measurement method. Instead, use different methods as they were designed—the right tool for the right job.

MMM can help you make high-level decisions about where to spend your marketing budget across your available channels, then you can use MTA to optimize those channels on a daily basis. This diversified approach provides you with more realistic goals and ongoing support as you scale, and it meets the needs of all your stakeholders, from channel managers to CMOs.

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Don’t Guess—Budget with Confidence Using Rockerbox MMM

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