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05 Jun 2024

[On-Demand Webinar] 3 Rockerbox MMM Features to Help You Drive Growth

Are you tired of making marketing decisions based on gut feelings or i...

written by Maggie Tharp
29 May 2024

What You Don’t Know About Your Buyer Journey Could Hurt You

How well do you understand the paths your customers take to convert? W...

written by Maggie Tharp
16 May 2024

[Trends] What Channels Should You Be Exploring in in 2024?

Does it seem like there’s always a new marketing or advertising channe...

written by Maggie Tharp
14 May 2024

Rockerbox MMM Deep-Dive: Customize your KPIs

Read the other blogs in this series: Scenario Planner, Data Upload Too...

written by Maggie Tharp
13 May 2024

[Guide] Build vs. Buy: Two Approaches to Creating an MTA Solution

Ever looked at an analytics platform and thought “I could build that”?...

written by Maggie Tharp

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01 May 2024

Rockerbox MMM Deep-Dive: Explore Budget Scenarios for Maximum Impact

Read the other blogs in this series: Customize KPIs, Data Upload Tool ...

written by Maggie Tharp
14 Mar 2024

How to Reduce Confusion and Drive Results with a Marketing Source of Truth

Think of all the different locations and dashboards you have to check ...

written by Maggie Tharp
04 Mar 2024

The Good, the Bad, and the Messy of Omnichannel Marketing

Omni-channel marketing has increased in popularity since the pandemic,...

written by Maggie Tharp
26 Feb 2024

The Busy Brand’s Guide to Data Centralization

Having access to high-quality marketing data to analyze performance an...

written by Maggie Tharp
09 Feb 2024

Unlocking the Power of Marketing Mix Modeling: Insights from the Rockerbox Webinar

MMM is all the rage right now, and for good reason. In our recent webi...

written by Ashley McAlpin
24 Jan 2024

[Webinar] Rockerbox MMM Demo

How Rockerbox MMM Stands Apart + How to Leverage Data-Driven MMM To Dr...

written by Maggie Tharp
23 Jan 2024

Rockerbox + MNTN Launch Official Partnership

Unlock Total CTV Visibility Like Never Before Ready to experience way ...

written by Maggie Tharp
17 Jan 2024

3 Updates We Rolled out in December 2023

Even in the busyness of the holidays, we made sure to push out several...

written by Maggie Tharp
02 Jan 2024

Unlocking the Potential: How Data Transforms Marketing Strategies

Today, data is the compass that guides every marketing decision. In th...

written by Ashley McAlpin
13 Dec 2023

Why Data Matters: Looking at Measurement Beyond Methodology

In today’s fast-paced digital marketing world, the ability to make qui...

written by Ashley McAlpin
02 Nov 2023

Transitioning from Universal Analytics to GA4

(And How Rockerbox Track Bridges the Gap) As if 2023 wasn’t wild enoug...

written by Ashley McAlpin
01 Nov 2023

1, 2, 3... Product Release Marathon!

3 Game-Changing Features Rockerbox Released This Month This month, we ...

written by Maggie Tharp
13 Oct 2023

Introducing Collect: Streamline Your Marketing Data for Success

In the world of marketing, data reigns supreme. It's the key that unlo...

written by Maggie Tharp
05 Oct 2023

Rockerbox's Track Product: First-Party Data to Power MTA

As a marketer you know that data is key. Quality data helps you target...

written by Maggie Tharp
20 Sep 2023

2 Key Updates We Rolled out in August 2023

Another month, another round of updates to make our platform more effe...

written by Maggie Tharp
15 Sep 2023

Rockerbox's Optimize Product Line: Set Campaign Goals, Get Regular Optimization Insights

At Rockerbox, we’re here to support marketers at all levels to handle ...

written by Maggie Tharp
15 Sep 2023

[New] Rockerbox + Hightouch: Centralize Even More Data for Greater Insights

Without centralized, reliable, timely marketing data, it’s almost impo...

written by Maggie Tharp
15 Aug 2023

Rockerbox Product Lines: The New Age of Marketing Measurement

As a marketer you need accurate marketing intel on the performance of ...

written by Maggie Tharp
07 Aug 2023

Rockerbox July 2023 Releases: A New Way to Keep a Pulse on Important Data Insights

There’s always something going on at Rockerbox. Coming on the heels of...

written by Maggie Tharp
12 Jul 2023

Rockerbox June 2023 Feature Releases: Revolutionizing Marketers’ Day-to-Day

Over the month of June Rockerbox has been hard at work, bringing custo...

written by Maggie Tharp
14 Jun 2023

The May 2023 Rockerbox Feature Releases That Changed the Game for Marketers

Channel managers, our recent releases have all been focused on making ...

written by Maggie Tharp
16 May 2023

New! Actionable Insights for Channel Managers with Rockerbox

Goals and Recommendations Gives Marketers Campaign-Level Optimization ...

written by Maggie Tharp
14 Apr 2023

3 Things Rockerbox Released in March 2023

After February’s launch of MMM for Shopify, we kept the momentum going...

written by Maggie Tharp
29 Mar 2023

The Game-Changing Features Rockerbox Released in February 2023

February was a monumental month in product releases for Rockerbox with...

written by Maggie Tharp
27 Feb 2023

5 Things Rockerbox Released in January 2023

Every quarter, we release big (we’re talking platform-transforming) up...

written by Maggie Tharp
08 Dec 2022

Marketing Paths: Unlocking the Customer Journey with Rockerbox 

Imagine the way your potential customers browse the internet. Some mig...

written by Maggie Tharp
02 Dec 2022

37 Things We Released in the Past 6 Months

“Innovation: a new idea, method, or device; novelty: the introduction ...

written by Maggie Tharp
16 Nov 2022

New! Expedite Marketing Performance Reporting with New Data Export Capabilities

With the end of 2022 nearing, reviewing the past few quarters of perfo...

written by Maggie Tharp
18 May 2022

[NEW] Rockerbox Data Warehousing: The Data You Need—Where You Need It

You know the feeling—you have burning questions about your marketing. ...

written by Maggie Tharp
03 May 2022

Analyze your Marketing Data in Google Sheets with Rockerbox Data Sync

We've all been there before — you get a message from your boss the eve...

written by Omar from Rockerbox
02 Mar 2022

New Launch: Marketing Data Starter Pack

If you manage a marketing budget for a brand, you know how hard it is ...

written by Rick O'Toole
22 Nov 2021

Rockerboxer Roundup: Sameen Karim on New Visitor Analytics

In our next installment of our newest blog series, “Rockerboxer Roundu...

written by Alyssa Jarrett
11 Nov 2021

Measure Top-of-Funnel Impact With New Visitor Analytics

We’re excited to announce the launch of New Visitor Analytics, Rockerb...

written by Rick O'Toole
28 Oct 2021

Beyond the Cookie: Marketing Measurement in a First-Party Data World

For years, marketers have been caught between a particularly tricky ro...

written by Sameen Karim
21 Sep 2021

Rockerboxer Roundup: Eddie Chou on Experimentation

Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting a webinar where we went behi...

written by Alyssa Jarrett
01 Sep 2021

Optimize Campaign Performance With Rockerbox Experiments

We’re excited to announce the launch of Rockerbox Experiments, our new...

written by Ron Jacobson
09 Jun 2021

Product Launch: Data Warehousing

Today, we're excited to announce the launch of Rockerbox Data Warehous...

written by Ron Jacobson
24 Feb 2021

Measuring True CPA and ROAS for Podcasts and Influencer Marketing

Last week, we announced the launch of Sponsorship Attribution — a comp...

written by Sameen Karim
17 Feb 2021

Announcing Sponsorships Attribution by Rockerbox

Today, we're excited to announce the launch of Sponsorship Attribution...

written by Sameen Karim
14 Apr 2020

Automatic Email Ingestion

Companies need to know who their customers are. Reaching out to existi...

written by Ron Jacobson

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