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07 Aug 2023
Product | 3 min read

Rockerbox July 2023 Releases: A New Way to Keep a Pulse on Important Data Insights

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on August 07, 2023

There’s always something going on at Rockerbox. Coming on the heels of our launch of Goals and Recommendations earlier this year (Have you tried it yet??), we’re working on releasing additional things to make our clients’ lives easier and gearing up for one of our biggest releases yet in just a few weeks. Yes, we’ll keep you in suspense.

But until then, take a look at one of our newest updates for Rockerbox customers: weekly insights emails that share the numbers you need to stay on top of in your inbox on a regular basis.

Weekly Insights Email: Key Metrics in Your Inbox


As of July 2023, we’re now sending weekly insights emails to our clients, giving you a quick and efficient summary of the previous week's performance and key insights. That means you can see total ad spend, average revenue per conversion, time to convert, and even the top-performing platforms by ROAs and CPA - all in one easy-to-scan format.

As a marketer, it’s easy to feel like you’re drowning in a sea of data, but with Rockerbox’s simplified platform and these new emails, you can easily see just the key info they need to make smarter marketing moves.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll see in your weekly insights emails and how it helps:

  • Total ad spend: Gives a clear understanding of your marketing budgets and expenses for the past week so you can make informed decisions about your advertising investments and reallocate resources effectively.
  • Average revenue per conversion: Provides valuable insights into the ROI of your marketing efforts week over week, enabling you to identify which campaigns are yielding the best results and driving revenue.
  • Time to convert: Sheds light on the efficiency of the marketing funnel. With this metric, you can analyze the time it takes for users to move from initial engagement to conversion on a weekly basis, helping you optimize their marketing strategies to reduce friction in the customer journey and improve overall conversion rates.
  • Top-performing platforms by ROAS and CPA: Empowers brands to focus on advertising channels with significant performance changes over the past week and make data-driven decisions about future campaigns.

All in all, these new weekly insights emails are a great way for Rockerbox clients to easily stay ahead of the metrics they need to track and take action on the data without needing to sort through large amounts of information. By providing a clear snapshot of key metrics and performance indicators, this feature helps brands like you optimize marketing strategies, drive better results, and ultimately achieve even the toughest marketing goals.

Rockerbox: Marketing Measurement for Data-Driven Achievers

All the marketing data in the world won’t do you any good if you can’t make sense of it and eke out the numbers that matter. Our new weekly insights emails are just one way that we help you not just access but actually leverage data about the success of your campaigns.

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