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07 Mar 2024
Marketing | 2 min read

[Infographic] February 2024 State of Spend

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on March 07, 2024

Where are marketers spending their budgets these days? Which channels are trending upwards and which ones are seeing a dropoff (whether temporarily or consistently)? What does performance look like across top marketing channels?

The answer to all these questions are available in two places:

  • The Rockerbox platform: With even just a free account, you can get access to dynamic data on spend and performance trends across companies like yours.
  • Our latest February 2024 spend trends infographic: This free resource includes a quick snapshot of the latest data for you to peruse and compare to your own results.

Download the Infographic

What’s in the State of Spend Infographic?

The February 2024 State of Spend infographic contains MoM and YoY trend data for marketing budgets and performance on top channels (Meta, Google, TikTok, Bing). Here are the main sections we cover:

Top Insights

In the top insights section, we review trends on changes in spend (or the lack of changes) and other interesting insights we discovered in the data, such as:

On average, Linear TV saw the biggest change in marketing spend over the past year, with an increase in its share of overall marketing budget from 12.05% to 13.45%.

Marketing Budget Breakdown

We’ve aggregated marketing budgets and put together a quick snapshot of the average marketing budget and how it breaks down across, Google, Linear TV, Social, and other platforms. It might surprise you to see where the marketing dollars are going!

Quick YoY Spend Trends

What’s up, what’s down, and by how much? This section goes over marketing platforms that have seen and increase and decrease in spend over the past year.

Performance Metrics: Top Platforms

In addition to spend insights, we also have the latest data on how top channels are performing for our customers in terms of ROAS, CTR, and other metrics.

Recap February with Rockerbox

The insights are just a few clicks away! Grab your copy to see the most up-to-date stats.

Download the Infographic

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