Rockerbox centralizes and deduplicates all of your conversions.

  • All conversions centralized

    Your customers convert in many different ways. Whether this happens online, in store, via monthly subscription, server-side, in-app or through a call center, Rockerbox is able to ingest and unify this data.

  • Deduplicated

    It's common for multiple marketing channels to take credit for the same conversion. Rockerbox solves this by creating a cross-channel path to conversion, enabling Rockerbox to deduplicate credit.

  • Identity Resolution

    Did your customer first convert on mobile? And then on desktop? Rockerbox's Identity Resolution ensures that we're connecting these disparate conversions correctly.


Marketing Events

Capture all the marketing touchpoints that lead to a conversion.

  • Clicks, Views, Synthetic Events

    Every channel has different data sets available. Rockerbox captures everything that is available and models to fill in any remaining gaps, ensuring that all channels have an even playing field.

  • Offline Channels

    Rockerbox unifies offline channels (linear TV, direct mail, OTT) with your traditional digital channels. Just because it's impossible to click on a TV ad, doesn't mean the event shouldn't be captured and centralized.

  • Listen to Your Customers

    Are your clients using promo codes associated with a given channel? Are you running post-purchase surveys where they tell you the channel that drove them to convert? Rockerbox can ingest and treat this inputs as marketing events.



Unify all your spend to see true CPA and ROAS

  • API-Based Integrations

    Rockerbox automatically ingests spend via API from your biggest channels, like Facebook, Google, Pinterest and more.

  • Custom Integrations

    Are you spending on a platform that doesn't have an API? No problem. Rockerbox is able to integrate with any provider to ensure your marketing spend is centralized.

  • Sponsorship Spend

    Are you sponsoring podcasts, influencers or sites? Are you paying our discounts based off certain promo codes? This spend is harder to track and a lot more nuanced. Rockerbox makes it quick and simple to unify this spend.


200+ Platform Integrations

We're integration experts. If the data needs to be collected, we'll integrate.

  • Shopify

    Rockerbox's Shopify integration is the most thorough in the industry. You're able to quickly get up and running without any pixel implementations required.

  • OTT, DSPs, Affiliates, Email Capture

    Rockerbox integrates across the board. From OTT to DSPs to post-purchase surveys, Rockerbox ensures that any relevant marketing data is centralized into Rockerbox.

  • Increasing Velocity

    2019: 11 integrations built
    2020: 32 integrations built
    2021: 96 integrations built
    2022: TBD....


Integrated with the tools you already use

Rockerbox works alongside all major e-commerce platforms, CRMs, ad platforms and more.


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