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All your marketing insights.
All in one place.


Track Conversions

Not just conversions, but deduplicated conversions with identity resolution, so you know you’re seeing the most realistic picture possible of your sales.

Capture Marketing Events

There are lots of activities that lead up to a purchase, and we track them all, from clicks to views, online and offline, in a cross-channel path to conversion.

Monitor Spend

Is your marketing spend making a difference? Stay on top of your CPA and ROAS so you can make the best budget decisions for your company.

An accurate view of all your conversions

Conversions happen everywhere

Whether a customer converted in your physical store, on your website, in your app, or somewhere else, you’ll be able to see all the data in one place in your Rockerbox account.

Data Centralization Graphics_Accurate view

No duplicate data

See the real impact of all your marketing instead of inflated credit per channel with Rockerbox’s deduplicated data.

Cross-device identity resolution

Connect your conversions no matter where or when they took place with Rockerbox’s Identity Resolution capabilities.

Demystify the path to conversion


Engagement data you need

Your customers interact with multiple marketing touchpoints on the way to a sale, and Rockerbox helps you see all that data regardless of the differences between channel datasets. Using models, we’re able to measure true channel effectiveness throughout the funnel.

Hard-to-track channels

Rockerbox goes far beyond clicks, because your marketing isn’t just confined to digital spaces. We help you track key offline channels, including linear TV, direct mail, and OTT alongside your traditional digital channels.

Promo codes and surveys

When we say we help track all your marketing—we mean it. The promo codes you use to drive purchases? Post-purchase surveys on customer origin? We turn them into marketing events and can use them to help calculate overall ROAS and CPA.

Data to help you spend smarter

Unified CPA and ROAS

Rockerbox offers a comprehensive view of your CPA and ROAS so you can make the best decisions regarding where you direct your ad dollars.


Sponsorships and more

Do you also allocate marketing dollars to sponsorships and influencer collaboration? We can track those too, taking the guesswork out of your marketing strategies.

API and custom

Whether an API for a spend integration already exists or requires a custom solution, we have the capabilities to consolidate the spend data you need.

Uncover your true ROAS

Rockerbox offers view-through data on Pinterest and Facebook so you can factor in both clicks and views on content to understand the real ROAS of your advertising.

We’re everywhere your
marketing is



We offer an industry-leading, native integration to Shopify, plus connections to Magento, WooCommerce, ReCharge, and Stripe.


Hard-to-track channels, alongside all your other marketing data. Rockerbox integrates with Hulu, Tatari, FuelX, Discovery, and more.

Social Media

The top platforms you use are all trackable by Rockerbox, with expanded view data on Pinterest and Facebook to help fill in gaps.


Search is a powerful platform for gathering new users when they’re ready to buy, and we support you with integrations to Google (Search, Shopping, Performance Max, and more) and Bing.

Email Service Providers (ESP)

Emails are a powerful driver to engage existing contacts, and we let you track their impact through integrations to several email service providers.

Direct Mail

Offline isn’t impossible to track. With Rockerbox’s approach to measuring direct mail impact, you can understand whether the channel is right for you.

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