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24 Aug 2023
3 min read

Rockerbox's Journey Product: Funnel Insights Like Never Before

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on August 24, 2023

It can be challenging to find a marketing measurement solution that gives you exactly what you need and none of what you don’t. B2C marketing and channel managers, for example, need a platform that delivers insights into the entire buying funnel, where each of your marketing channels sit in the funnel, and how much they’re contributing to your overall conversions.

Rockerbox’s Journey product helps marketers do just that, with a user-friendly array of reports that deliver MTA insights and key metrics for every channel at every point in the funnel. Journey is one of six new targeted products created to meet the needs of B2C marketers. Read about all the products in our launch blog!

Unveiling Journey: A Snapshot

When we created Journey, we were thinking specifically about the needs of marketing channel managers. These B2C professionals need the most detailed understanding of their marketing channel performance and the relationship between channels out of all of the various roles our customers are in.

That’s why Journey delivers the views and insights it does. All of the reports available within this Rockerbox offering are geared at helping marketers unravel the entire marketing and conversion funnel in order to truly understand what tactics work and make smarter marketing and spending decisions.

Some of the views include:

Marketing Paths — Review the various paths your users take to conversion and uncover the most common ones, the highest earning ones, the fastest ones, and more.

Funnel Position — Understand what role each of your channels plays in the funnel, from early awareness to right before conversion, and assess your marketing performance through that lens.

Channel Overlap — Understand the overlap between different channels in your strategy so you can make sure you’re making effective investments with no redundancy.

The Power of Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)

All of the insights in Journey are made possible by MTA (Multi-Touch Attribution) as well as data cleaned and centralized using Rockerbox’s Track and Collect products. Without quality data, it’s impossible to truly make accurate assessments about channel performance and the conversion credit due to each part of your strategy, which is why we prioritize a data foundation.

In Journey, you can see the impact of all of your marketing channels:

  • Search
  • Social
  • OTT
  • Linear TV
  • Online/Offline
  • And more

The granularity of our data lets you drill down to the user level, and our identity resolution connects disparate touchpoint events so you can follow your customers’ journeys even across different browsers and devices.

Solving Business Problems with Journey

Rockerbox’s new products are use-case focused, meaning we analyzed how our customers used and found success with our platform and curated the right features and views to satisfy those specific needs.

For Journey, we wanted to solve a few key problems, including:

  • A lack of visibility into what the full customer journey looks like and how much impact each channel has on conversion. When brands pull these numbers from each channel individually, this can result in duplicate assumptions about credit and an incomplete view of marketing performance.
  • Incomplete attribution due to a reliance on either single-touch or last-click attribution. Rockerbox’s data-driven MTA leverages machine learning algorithms and data analysis techniques to better predict how credit should be allocated between channels based on past performance data.

Both of these problems can result in channel managers and marketing teams not being able to make the most informed decisions for their brands and potentially missing out on opportunities for growth.

How You’ll Use Journey on a Daily Basis

Journey provides so many insights into the marketing journey but one of the most effective use cases is how Journey can help you understand the role of channels in your funnel. This means assessing:

  • What stage prospects are interacting with your marketing touchpoints at
  • What performance looks like at each stage (e.g. is there excessive stagnation in the consideration stage?)

Once you understand this, you can make strategic adjustments to your creative and campaigns, with the goal of helping customers move more effectively through the buying funnel to conversion.

Journey: Your One-Stop Location for Marketing Path Insights

With Rockerbox Journey you can finally get a view of all your marketing performance and attribution, built on a foundation of quality data. When you’re ready to move beyond MTA insights, our product lines offer the flexibility to grow into other areas and add on functionality as needed.

What are you waiting for? Explore the platform that helps you make more data-driven decisions today.

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