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27 Apr 2023
Marketing | 2 min read

3 Questions with Rockerbox: What Snapchat Views Mean for Marketers

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on April 27, 2023

Earlier this month, we announced our formal partnership with Snapchat, which makes available view data to marketers in addition to click data. This update means that marketers can get more visibility than ever into the full impact of a highly-visual platform like Snapchat, where buyers can be influenced by an ad without ever clicking it. 

For this blog, we sat down with one of the minds behind the Snap Views release, Rockerbox Product Manager Eddie Chou to learn more about this release and what it means for marketers.

Why did Rockerbox prioritize adding view data to the Snap integration and why is it such an exciting development? 

Eddie: Snap is one of the top platforms that our customers invest their marketing dollars into, and getting an accurate representation of how Snap impacts their bottom line, their core KPIs, is extremely important to them. For a platform like Snap that is very visually oriented, it's really important to be able to track the impact of users that see an ad but may not actually click. So therefore, working with Snap on this partnership in order to get access or visibility into those views was really important for us to accurately measure them.

What kinds of results can advertisers expect to see from using the updated integration? 

Eddie: The main changes you'll expect to see by enabling the Snap view-through integration is a more accurate representation of Snap's impact on your bottom line, and this will come in the form of performance improvements to CPA and ROAS depending on what metric or metrics you are tracking. Overall, what we've seen from our launch partners is an improvement in the range of about 2-10x, and we expect most customers will see something somewhere in that range as well.


Why should B2C brands leverage the Rockerbox/Snap integration?

Eddie: B2C brands should be thrilled to turn on the Snap integration because it gives you a more accurate view of how Snap performs. Now, whether you're looking to set high-level budgets across your entire marketing spend or if you're looking to do channel creative-level optimizations, what Rockerbox's integration with Snap is going to provide is the impact of Snap at all those different levels. So if you want to understand the overall platform performance down to individual creatives, we give you that view. And now that it's enhanced by Snap, it's going to provide a much more clear representation of how Snapchat’s performing.

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