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24 Jun 2024

[Webinar] MTA + MMM: Stronger Marketing Measurement with Multiple Methods

At Rockerbox, we believe there’s not just one way to measure the impac...

written by Maggie Tharp
05 Jun 2024

[On-Demand Webinar] 3 Rockerbox MMM Features to Help You Drive Growth

Are you tired of making marketing decisions based on gut feelings or i...

written by Maggie Tharp
31 May 2024

[On-Demand Webinar] TV/CTV 3x3: 3 News Stories, 3 Questions, 3 Trends on the Current TV/CTV Landscape

What’s new in CTV/TV? We answered that question from multiple perspect...

written by Maggie Tharp
22 May 2024

[Webinar Recap] How CTV Boosts Performance Throughout the Funnel (And How to Measure it with MMM)

CTV advertising is growing rapidly. For advertisers, CTV offers a chan...

written by Maggie Tharp
30 Apr 2024

[On-Demand Webinar] Should You Buy or Build an MTA Solution?

Many companies exploring marketing measurement consider whether they s...

written by Maggie Tharp

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27 Mar 2024

Webinar — A TikTok Tale: Rebag’s TikTok + Rockerbox Strategy for Success

TikTok is used by almost 5 million U.S. businesses to reach their audi...

written by Maggie Tharp
09 Feb 2024

Unlocking the Power of Marketing Mix Modeling: Insights from the Rockerbox Webinar

MMM is all the rage right now, and for good reason. In our recent webi...

written by Ashley McAlpin
24 Jan 2024

[Webinar] Rockerbox MMM Demo

How Rockerbox MMM Stands Apart + How to Leverage Data-Driven MMM To Dr...

written by Maggie Tharp
09 Nov 2023

[Webinar] Marketing Measurement Your Way: Rockerbox Live Demo + Q&A

Effective marketing measurement is (1) based in high-quality, complete...

written by Maggie Tharp
01 Nov 2023

[Webinar Recap] How to Be a Full Funnel Marketer in 2023 and Beyond

Many marketers aspire to full funnel marketing, but how do you know if...

written by Maggie Tharp
23 Aug 2023

Unlock the Power of OTT Advertising: Watch On-Demand!

Are you ready to conquer the ever-expanding world of OTT/streaming vid...

written by Maggie Tharp
03 Aug 2023

[On-Demand Webinar] Navigating the Shifting Media Landscape: A Guide to Advertising in H2 2023

In today's ever-evolving world of marketing, staying ahead of the curv...

written by Maggie Tharp
27 Jul 2023

[On-Demand Webinar] Crush the Search Game in 2023: The Unstoppable Combination of Paid + SEO

We joined forces with Electric Orange Creative to reveal the ultimate ...

written by Maggie Tharp
29 Mar 2023

[On Demand] Measure Smarter with Rockerbox: Live Demo + Q&A - March 2023

B2C businesses need marketing measurement that’s designed to answer th...

written by Maggie Tharp
23 Mar 2023

[On Demand Webinar] How to Increase ROAS 25%+ with an Old-School Ad Technique

Your advertising strategy might not be working as well as you think it...

written by Maggie Tharp
09 Mar 2023

[On-Demand Webinar] 2023 Roadmapping: How to Stay Profitable in a Turbulent Landscape

Roadmapping is difficult enough under normal macroeconomic conditions....

written by Maggie Tharp
17 Nov 2022

[On-Demand Webinar] Solving the Problem of Unattributed Conversions With Attribution & Post-Purchase Surveys

Finding out exactly what drives purchases can feel daunting at times, ...

written by Maggie Tharp
03 Nov 2022

[Webinar Recap] How Newton Baby Got Clarity on Pinterest ROAS with Rockerbox

How do high-performing DTC marketing teams scale their marketing and p...

written by Maggie Tharp
01 Aug 2022

[Webinar Series Recap] Marketing in a Downturn

With a recession on the horizon (not to mention consumer spending shif...

written by Maggie Tharp
09 Jun 2022

[Webinar] How to Leverage Your Data Warehouse to Operationalize your Marketing Data

Do you have a surefire way to measure the effectiveness of all of your...

written by Maggie Tharp
11 Nov 2021

Measure Top-of-Funnel Impact With New Visitor Analytics

We’re excited to announce the launch of New Visitor Analytics, Rockerb...

written by Rick O'Toole
01 Sep 2021

Optimize Campaign Performance With Rockerbox Experiments

We’re excited to announce the launch of Rockerbox Experiments, our new...

written by Ron Jacobson
29 Mar 2021

Rockerbox + Reddit Panel @ Mobile Growth Summit 2021

written by Ron Jacobson
24 Aug 2020

Webinar: Rockerbox + EnquireLabs Integration

Post Purchase Surveys are a great way to capture information directly ...

written by Ron Jacobson
16 Jun 2020

Webinar - Attribution: Better Track your Marketing Spend

Portag3 Ventures hosted a Webinar on Attribution and invited Rockerbox...

written by Ron Jacobson

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