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Are you using Shopify?

Rockerbox Free

Get basic insights into your marketing and industry spend trends with Rockerbox’s free plan.

  • Basic data aggregation* for popular platforms (Social, Search)
  • Google Sheets reporting templates and data export
  • Live spend trends dashboard

*Does not include first-party data or deduplication

No credit card required.


Powerful marketing measurement and optimization tools for digital-first brands on Shopify that want to spend smarter.

Your Monthly Ad Spend
  • Built for Shopify
  • View-through impact for Facebook
  • First-party measurement and deduplicated conversions
  • Independently measure popular channels, including Google, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, more


Powerful marketing measurement and optimization tools, plus dedicated support and onboarding for digital-first brands with complex marketing measurement needs.

  • Identity resolution across multiple browsers/devices
  • Comprehensive digital measurement and multiple measurement methodologies (Rule based, modeled multi-touch, incremental reach, geo-lift, halo)
  • Marketing paths + time to conversion
  • Pinterest view-through data
  • Sponsorships and surveys
  • Integration add-ons: Offline, linear TV, phone, data warehousing

Why do we offer
a free plan?

You have to start somewhere with your marketing measurement. Even if you are just advertising on a few channels, Rockerbox Free gives you a taste of why it’s so helpful to have a centralized source of marketing data truth rather than flipping between platforms.

We offer this plan so you can start to explore the value of Rockerbox for your company before making an investment, and because we’re pretty sure you’ll quickly start to see the benefit of our deduplicated view of conversions, first-party data foundation, and diverse integrations.

Your data at your fingertips

See aggregated data from the top channels you use: Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Snapchat, more.

See the state of marketing spend

Review marketing spend stats by channel, pulled from the activity of top DTC brands.

Report on marketing performance

Use the Google Sheets plugin and pre-created templates to get data into a format where you can easily share insights with your team.


Rockerbox Starter:
Built for Shopify. Built for You.

The more visibility you have into your marketing, the more of an edge you have in a competitive digital-first landscape. For brands using Shopify, the best way to track your marketing and get a deduplicated view of your conversions is Rockerbox’s Starter plan. Built for Shopify users, it’s a great way to get a clear, realistic view of your marketing performance across all the digital channels you use.


Starter Features You'll ❤️


Accurate View

An accurate view of your customers and marketing through our first-party data foundation

Independent Measurement

Independent measurement of several popular channels, including Google, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn

View-through Impact

View-through impact for Facebook

Top-notch Support

Help center and chat support + two calls with a customer solutions lead to go through onboarding and training + quarterly check-in

No Contract Required

Monthly pricing based on your company’s ad spend


Add additional customization with extra tracking for Adroll, Criteo, Sponsorships, Surveys, OTT, and Direct Mail, as well as Pinterest view-through impact

Rockerbox Scale: Customizable
and Support

Not on Shopify? Run a highly complex marketing strategy? Rockerbox Scale is built for companies that are just that—at scale. We work hand-in-hand with you to track all your marketing and help you zero in on what’s working.

Scale Your Complex Marketing Strategy


Identity resolution for a complete picture

Because of our first-party data foundation, we are able to gather real information on user activities, then link those touchpoints together across devices, browsers, and channels, meaning you see a realistic view of your buyer funnel.

We’re everywhere your marketing is

200+ included/add-on integrations: Digital, offline, view-through tracking for display ads, custom batch files, and more.

Don’t guess. Test.

Run experiments on our platform to find out which of your ads drive the most results and continually refine your marketing strategy.

Why Our Customers
❤️ Rockerbox️

“I use Rockerbox as a source of truth for understanding the impact of my marketing experiments.”
Marjorie Chelius
Marjorie Chelius VP Marketing
“For us, Rockerbox is the most important tool we utilize to measure and inform our decision-making. Rockerbox enables us to use the facts, use the data, and make those decisions.”
Zack Abbell
Zack Abbell Vice President of Digital & E-Commerce
“There’s definitely no way we would have been able to scale our spend in the way we have these last few years without Rockerbox.”
Darcy Pollock
Darcy Pollock Senior Director of Customer Acquisition & Retention
American Giant

What Can You Discover
With Rockerbox?

Impact of views

  • Display
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest

Marketing path insights

  • Full path to purchase
  • Highest value
  • Fastest to convert

High-level metrics

  • ROAS
  • CPA
  • Revenue

Key marketing insights

  • Marketing channel overlap
  • New vs returning customer activities

Hard-to-track channels

  • Podcast advertising
  • Influencers
  • Direct mail
  • Linear TV
  • And more!

Granular attribution

  • First-touch
  • Last-touch
  • Even-weight
  • Multi-touch

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really track all my marketing?

Yes! We offer 200+ integrations with everything from podcast platforms and social channels to direct mail — and we have methodologies for measuring even hard-to-track channels. For example, when we track direct mail, we work directly with your vendor to get address lists that can be compared to your users that actually convert to understand the impact of that channel.


How long does your solution take to get up and running?

Onboarding Rockerbox is a custom experience. With instant insights to spend trends and industry data, your time to value is immediate. Most brands have all channels integrated and are on a path to operationalizing within the first few weeks of signing on Rockerbox.


How are you handling constant privacy updates and loss of tracking visibility?

Rockerbox is a future-proof solution with a commitment to updating our technology to weather any industry shifts.

In light of Chrome’s removal of 3rd-party cookies and additional privacy changes from Apple, we launched Custom Tracking Domains in 2019. With this implementation, trackers are served from a company’s own domain and Rockerbox is treated as a 1st-party cookie by all browsers.


Can you scale with my company?

Rockerbox is suited for brands at multiple stages of development. Our Free and Starter plans offer the basics of measurement and help you set your company up for data-driven success, whereas our Scale plan offers additional integrations, conversion tracking, data views, and more.