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20 Jul 2023
News | 2 min read

New: Rockerbox Academy Sets You Up for Measurement Success

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on July 20, 2023

Rockerbox is taking you back to school, but you get to work at your own pace on your own schedule, and you’ll use the knowledge literally every day at your job.

What are we talking about? Rockerbox Academy. Launched this month to any customer, partners, prospects that want to use it, our new training courses cover key aspects of Rockerbox topics that marketing professionals can use to level up their measurement game.

Currently we offer two learning paths—Intro to Rockerbox and Rockerbox for Channel Managers—and six total courses, but we plan to add additional courses and paths in the coming months targeted at other needs and core user groups.

Intro to Rockerbox

It’s our goal to make sure that all new users of Rockerbox have all the resources and skills they need to truly get the  most out of our platforms. Intro to Rockerbox was created as a self-paced way to onboard users into the product and start making reliable measurement a part of their daily processes.

This learning path includes 4 courses:

  • Getting Started with Rockerbox
  • How to Leverage Rockerbox for In-Channel Optimizations
  • How to Understand the Role of your Channels in the Funnel
  • New Vendor Launch & Maintenance

Created with new users in mind, this learning path is a thorough introduction to leveraging the product for ongoing marketing analysis and optimization.

Rockerbox for Channel Managers

Many of our most engaged users are B2C channel managers—the doers and achievers responsible for running marketing channels and monitoring progress against company KPIs. That’s why as one of our first course bundles, we wanted to create a path targeted at these pivotal marketing professionals.

The Channel Manager learning path includes 3 courses geared at helping channel managers optimize the digital platforms they own:

  • How to Leverage Rockerbox for In-Channel Optimizations
  • How to Understand the Impact of your Channels on Time to Convert
  • New Vendor Launch & Maintenance 

These two learning paths are just the beginning of a new resource hub that will help data-driven marketers upskill quickly and hit key marketing goals.

To browse the available courses and start learning, visit

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