Digital Channels

Once you go beyond Facebook and Google, things start to get complicated.

  • Foundational Channels

    Rockerbox can measure the foundational channels that all brands start with. From search to social to affiliates to display, Rockerbox has you covered.

  • Going Beyond Clicks

    For some channels, clicks don't tell the full story. For some channels, clicks don't even exist (OTT, podcasts). Rockerbox brings the best approach to each channel to ensure the full impact is being captured.

  • OTT and CTV

    Brands need to go to where consumers are. OTT and CTV are growing rapidly and with Rockerbox, you have the ability to track and measure their performance.



See the intersection of offline and digital in one platform.

  • Linear TV

    Rockerbox ingests Linear TV post log reports. From this, we probabilistically update path to conversions to include TV.

    Interested in lift? Rockerbox uncovers how many visitors your TV advertising drives to site and whether the lift is statistically significant or not.

  • Direct Mail

    Rockerbox can attribute direct mail through matchback analysis, promo codes, vanity URLs and post-purchase surveys.

    Understand how direct mail influences digital channels (organic search, paid search, etc.) and see the full path to conversion.


Synthetic Events

See through the walls of walled gardens.

  • The Invention

    Rockerbox invented Synthetic Events in 2018. We realized early on that certain channels like Linear TV would have to be measured from aggregated data using probabilistic modelling.

    Synthetic Events has enabled Rockerbox to measure the impact of channels where only aggregate data is available.

  • Facebook Synthetic Events

    A portion of Facebook’s impact isn’t trackable via clicks. Rockerbox leverages Synthetic Events to combat this. By analyzing and modelling against the aggregate data that Facebook makes available, Rockerbox is able to ensure that the view through contribution of Facebook isn't missed.


Podcast Sponsorships

Measure the true ROI of your sponsorships.

  • Approach

    Rockerbox measures sponsorships through promo codes, vanity URLs and post-purchase surveys, providing you with one location to track your sponsorships and how much you're spending.

  • Podcasts

    Understand how podcasts influence digital channels (organic search, paid search, etc.). See complete user conversion paths. Learn More

  • Influencers

    Uncover the cross-channel CPA and ROAS of your influencer marketing. Learn More


Integrated with the tools you already use

Rockerbox works alongside all major e-commerce platforms, CRMs, ad platforms and more.


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