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Recency Marketing Platform

Identify the top sites, articles, and topics that your users engage with before and after arriving on your site so you can effectively put together marketing plans. Ensure you’re serving users whose browsing behavior matches that of your valuable converters.

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"Rockerbox is the only way for us to uncover the full off-site journey for our customers. We've improved the ROI of our content and paid media by leveraging recency insights."

  Jonathan Wasserstrum, CEO

Use custom attribution models to know the impact of your ads and the best paths to conversion. Get attribution by channel, vendor, or by campaign. You can even verify where your ads are served to ensure your vendors are doing what they say they’re doing.

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"Rockerbox shines in its transparency. Other services will provide high level insights into site category or one to two highly indexing sites – but Rockerbox allows their customers to have access to all data points."

  Carolyn DeMeo, Campaign Operations

Make the right changes to your campaigns. Rockerbox automatically provides recommendations on how to reallocate your media spend to improve ROI. Eliminate wasted marketing dollars and acquire new customers at scale.

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"From driving results to uncovering insights, Recency Marketing is an extremely powerful tool for any digital marketer to have in their arsenal — especially those running performance driven campaigns."

  Arie Hefter, Director of Digital Strategy

Recency Activation Services

Leverage our full-service solution for managing programmatic media campaigns

Work with our talented team to develop relevant prospecting strategies based on users' last 60 minutes of online behavior. Get video, display, and native campaigns managed for you.

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Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

"The Rockerbox team has been one of the best to work with. The depth of information we can collect from Recency Marketing is second to none. The team is quick to respond, not shy to push back, and constantly hungry to innovate."

  Jonathan Kim, Digital Director

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"Recency has become our go-to choice for acquisition marketing due to its results and technology. I've been nothing but impressed by the ease of working with Rockerbox’s talented team."

  Kevin Cooper, Director of Marketing