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MMM for the modern marketer

Rockerbox MMM leverages our own AI-driven Marketing Mix Modeling to help you predict revenue outcomes based on your ad spend.

Better budgeting with data

Using historical data from your own company, you can discover the ideal amounts to budget per channel to ensure maximum efficiency and predict what could happen if you spend more/less on a given channel.

Test with confidence

Rockerbox MMM’s UI leads you through recommended spend changes by channel, so you can make smart measured improvements with the best chance of improving ROI or maximizing revenue.



Attribution Reimagined

Forget what you’ve heard. Rockerbox leverages MTA to provide a clear picture of your entire marketing journey plus what’s working—or not.

Marketing path insights

What are my most common marketing paths? The fastest to convert? The highest earning?With Rockerbox, you have access to the answers and more regarding your common paths to purchase.

New vs. returning visitor analysis

New users are the ones that keep your top of funnel strong. With Rockerbox’s New Visitor Analytics, you can understand where new audiences are coming from, how much they cost to capture, and how engaged they are.


Goal-driven marketing 

Rockerbox Optimize lets you set ROAS/CPA goals for your ad channels and provides reliable spend recommendations to help you stay on track.


Attribution that works.

Marketing Analysis Graphics_Marketing Analysis- Attribution

A first-party data foundation

Attribution based on third-party cookies is flawed. But when it’s built on a first-party data foundation provided by Rockerbox Track, attribution is a reliable way to analyze your marketing effectiveness.

Single-touch, MTA, Model-based

Based on your needs and marketing strategy, you can select an attribution model that works for you, whether it’s rule-based (MTA, last touch, first touch) or based on machine learning.

Model comparison

Once you’ve selected an attribution model, you have the ability to compare models and see the differences in CPA and ROAS between them. Better yet, our models are transparent and fully customizable.

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MMM for modern marketers.


Updated for fast-paced businesses

The MMM of the past took months to uncover insights and only was helpful in analyzing a point in time. Rockerbox’s MMM is updated regularly to fit the needs of modern, digital-focused businesses. 

Personalized predictions based on your data

MMM uses your own historical spend and revenue data to determine the possible future impact of changes you make to your budget.

Transparent model

Rockerbox MMM is far from a black box. You can see how Rockerbox predictions compare to your actual historical results and how reliable the model is. 

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The Right Solution for the Problem

No one measurement methodology can answer every question. Leverage the strengths of MTA and MMM to fill in more of the marketing performance picture. 


MTA helps marketers uncover granular, regular insights about the impact of their channels down to the ad level. This detailed level of insight into the buyer journey can help to power daily optimizations and unlock a deep understanding of how channels are performing separately and in relation to each other. While MTA has the potential to deliver very specific insights, it’s not as primed for high-level questions regarding how much money to allocate to each channel. Additionally, MTA can struggle to see the full impact of some walled garden social channels. 


MMM excels at helping you budget, forecast, and uncover diminishing returns across all the channels you leverage. Because MMM leverages aggregate, rather than user-level data, you can use it to analyze digital and offline, see the impact of all interactions with ads, and even assess hard to track channels, like linear TV. Not only that, but it also preserves the privacy of the groups you’re analyzing. Despite all these pros, MMM lacks the granularity of MTA and isn't suitable for day-to-day media optimization.

Advanced Analyses:
A World of Insights at Your Fingertips


Channel Overlap

How much do you know about channel redundancy? Are you paying to influence an audience that’s already covered by another channel? Rockerbox Channel Overlap analyses help you uncover areas for optimization.

Full-Funnel Visibility

In Rockerbox, you can see not just which channel triggered a conversion but all the different channels that a customer touched along the way that contributed to their decision. From top to bottom of the funnel, you can get a clear picture of the most efficient conversion paths.

Funnel Position Analysis

Rockerbox lets you explore the ways your channels interact with your funnel as well as the channel mix at any given points in the funnel

Time to Conversion

When you know how long different conversion paths take, you can optimize your funnel to speed up the time it takes to get your customers to purchase.

User Path Comparison

It’s easy to compare different user paths in Rockerbox to answer questions about which user paths are the most effective and efficient.

Ad Spend Scenario Planning

We offer an industry-leading, native integration to Shopify, plus connections to Magento, WooCommerce, ReCharge, and Stripe.

Projected Returns by ROAS

Explore the relationship between spend and revenue optimized for different ROAS targets and observe when returns begin to diminish.

Individual Channel Spend Recommendations

Adjust your spend channel-by-channel with targeted recommendations on overall investment per marketing platform.

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