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22 Jan 2024
News | 2 min read

#1 in B2C Attribution: G2 Winter 2024 Awards

Rockerbox - Ashley McAlpin Written by Ashley McAlpin
on January 22, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Rockerbox has received a series of awards in the G2 Winter 2024 recognitions, solidifying our position as a leader in the marketing analytics and attribution space.

Rockerbox has not only excelled in providing B2C attribution solutions but has also been recognized across several categories, underscoring our commitment to excellence and innovation in the data analysis space.

Awards across Numerous Mid-Market and All-Around Categories

Our accomplishments this winter include:

  • Rated #1 for B2C Attribution: A testament to our unparalleled expertise in the B2C sector.
  • High Performer in Multiple Categories: Recognized as a High Performer in Mid-Market Americas Attribution and Marketing Analytics, we have shown our strength in delivering top-tier services to mid-market companies.
  • Easiest To Do Business With: This accolade speaks volumes about our customer-centric approach and the ease of integrating our solutions into business processes.
  • Users Love Us: Reflecting the positive feedback and satisfaction of our user community.

Client Testimonials: Real Impact in Action

Insights and Efficiency with Nomatic

Nate Benner from Nomatic shares, "Rockerbox unlocked a world of insights."

With Rockerbox, Nomatic cut their paid ads budget by 40% while maintaining revenues. They've eliminated redundant retargeting and honed in on what truly drives customers. Benner highlights, "Rockerbox will be the key that helps you unlock the secrets to your customer's path to conversion."

This reflects our tool's efficacy in trimming marketing budgets and tracking key performance metrics effectively.

Comprehensive Analysis with Rebag

Cecilia Chaves from Rebag emphasizes Rockerbox's role as a "Great source of comparison for marketing channels."

The platform's ability to integrate all channels and provide various attribution methods has been invaluable. Chaves notes, "Rockerbox allows channel comparison from different perspectives, under one roof, in a lot of detail."

This showcases Rockerbox's versatility in organizing and analyzing a company's diverse user and revenue sources.

Looking Forward

These accolades from G2 and the glowing testimonials from our clients underscore our commitment to delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions in the marketing analytics and attribution arena. As we celebrate these achievements, we remain focused on pushing the boundaries of what's possible, empowering businesses to unlock their full potential.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to lead and innovate in the marketing analysis and data space!

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