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29 Nov 2022

Shoppable Videos—What They Are and Why You Should Try Them Soon

Modern digital brands must constantly innovate and experiment with new...

written by Hillary Walters
18 Nov 2022

Building a Measurement Solution In-House vs. Rockerbox

Let’s cut to the chase—there are a lot of digital solutions for market...

written by Hillary Walters

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15 Nov 2022

Rockerbox Reporting vs. In-Platform Reporting—What You Need to Know

Modern DTC and digital brands need accurate data to measure and grow t...

written by Hillary Walters
12 Oct 2022

[Holiday Series] Rock Your BFCM–How to Prepare for Black Friday/Cyber Monday in 2022

It might only be the beginning of the fall shopping season, but let’s ...

written by Hillary Walters
07 Sep 2022

Identity Resolution: The Rockerbox Guide to Transparent Attribution

As a digital marketer, you might have already noticed how busy the mod...

written by Hillary Walters
01 Sep 2022

[New Series] Myth Busting: Measurement and Attribution

As experts in the field of marketing attribution for digital brands, w...

written by Hillary Walters
16 Aug 2022

How to Measure Better on Facebook with Help from Rockerbox Marketing Attribution

Most advertisers have lofty goals in mind when it comes to releasing n...

written by Hillary Walters
01 Aug 2022

Return to Focusing on Workhorse Channels of Search and Shopping

No matter what the financial climate looks like, the chances are good ...

written by Hillary Walters
26 Jul 2022

Recession Marketing Best Practices: Beginning to Look at Your Payback Period

In light of recent economic trends, we’re taking a closer look at the ...

written by Hillary Walters
22 Jul 2022

Re-Establishing Optimal Budget Allocation + Why It’s Important in a Recession

Whether you’ve been watching the nes or you’ve noticed price hikes at ...

written by Hillary Walters
19 Jul 2022

Beyond Meta: Why You Need Channel Diversification in 2022

In a recent podcast interview with analytics and tracking platform Ele...

written by Hillary Walters
18 Jul 2022

Insider Intelligence Report – Using Rockerbox Data to Understand Sustainable Growth in Established Brands vs. DNVBs

Rockerbox is making waves! In a recent spring 2022 Insider Intelligenc...

written by Hillary Walters
11 Jul 2022

[New Series] Multi-Touch Attribution: Is It Really Dead?

"Tales of my death are greatly exaggerated," Mark Twain. Multi-touch A...

written by Hillary Walters

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