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Hillary Walters

16 Aug 2022
| 6 min read

How to Measure Better on Facebook with Help from Rockerbox Marketing Attribution

Most advertisers have lofty goals in mind when it comes to releasing n...

11 Aug 2022
| 5 min read

Building an Analytically Driven Marketing Organization with Care/Of

  Care/Of provides personalized daily vitamins and supplements in a di...

01 Aug 2022
| 5 min read

Return to Focusing on Workhorse Channels of Search and Shopping

No matter what the financial climate looks like, the chances are good ...

26 Jul 2022
| 5 min read

Recession Marketing Best Practices: Beginning to Look at Your Payback Period

In light of recent economic trends, we’re taking a closer look at the ...

22 Jul 2022
| 5 min read

Re-Establishing Optimal Budget Allocation + Why It’s Important in a Recession

Whether you’ve been watching the nes or you’ve noticed price hikes at ...

19 Jul 2022
| 5 min read

Beyond Meta: Why You Need Channel Diversification in 2022

In a recent podcast interview with analytics and tracking platform Ele...

18 Jul 2022
| 2 min read

Insider Intelligence Report – Using Rockerbox Data to Understand Sustainable Growth in Established Brands vs. DNVBs

Rockerbox is making waves! In a recent spring 2022 Insider Intelligenc...

14 Jul 2022
| 4 min read

Kuru Leverages Rockerbox to Scale Social Spend by 350%

KURU Footwear provides revolutionary, patented shoe technology with st...

11 Jul 2022
| 2 min read

[New Series] Multi-Touch Attribution: Is It Really Dead?

"Tales of my death are greatly exaggerated," Mark Twain. Multi-touch A...