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29 Mar 2023
Marketing | 2 min read

The Game-Changing Features Rockerbox Released in February 2023

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on March 29, 2023

February was a monumental month in product releases for Rockerbox with the release of our Rockerbox MMM for Shopify beta—this feature took the time-tested concept of Marketing Mix Modeling and made it accessible and actionable for more brands. In addition to that release we’ve made several other improvements to the functionality of Rockerbox that make it easier to use and more effective than ever.

In this blog, we’ve compiled everything that went live to the platform in February 2023. Learn more about updates from the very beginning of the year in our updates from January 2023 blog.

Rockerbox MMM for Shopify

Marketing Mix Modeling as a marketing analytics method has roots back in the 1960s, when large brands used the statistical modeling technique to measure the efficacy of marketing and advertising in a pre-digital world.

While MMM has previously been too time-consuming, too expensive, and not actionable enough for the average brand, Rockerbox’s new MMM for Shopify beta functionality takes the core of what makes MMM helpful and makes it more user-friendly than ever.

Rockerbox MMM for Shopify allows brands to leverage their own historical data to see solid predictions on where to direct spend across marketing channels for the best return. The release in late February 2023 included Shopify conversions and ad spend on top channels: Google, Facebook, Bing, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.

The platform helps marketing leaders answer questions like:

  • What is the correlation between marketing spend and revenue?
  • What should my ad spend be if I want to go after a specific ROAS target?
  • What revenue and ROAS can I expect if I implement certain budget decisions?

Learn more and see a video walkthrough of the feature.

TikTok Auto Parameters

As a marketer, every minute spent working on repetitive admin tasks is a minute not spent on the part of your job that really matters—strategy development, creative execution, long-term thinking, etc.

With the release of TikTok Auto Parameters, the necessary parameters for your Rockerbox tracking links are added, just as you’d think, automatically. Over time, small changes like this add up to big time savings for you so you can focus on the things you do best and the things that truly move the needle.

Other Updates

Beyond our larger channel improvements, we also released smaller updates to our platform to make it easier to use and eke out necessary insights. 

  • Facebook synthetic views are now included in the New Visitors report, giving a more complete picture of Facebook's impact on new visitor activity. 
  • On each UI page, widgets with relevant help docs direct users to answers to any questions and give them the ability to troubleshoot problems by themselves or reach out to support if needed.
  • Facebook Shop purchase attribution is now included in the Digital Advertising view, offering more insights for clients using Facebook Shop. 
  • Our Google auto parameters now offer improved support for especially large accounts with lots of ads. 

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