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08 Dec 2022
Marketing | 4 min read

Marketing Paths: Unlocking the Customer Journey with Rockerbox 

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on December 08, 2022

Imagine the way your potential customers browse the internet. Some might see an ad for your product on a google search page or a social media platform and then immediately purchase the product without further research, but that’s not always the case.

According to a 2018 Google study, consumer paths to purchase include 20 to 500 touchpoints, or even more! Modern buyers research and encounter your company in many different ways across sometimes dozens of platforms. That full path to conversion can be a mystery without the right technology, but with Rockerbox, you gain granular insight into every touchpoint encountered by your customers (plus even more insights). 

Below we’ll discuss why you need visibility into your buying journey and how Rockerbox’s Marketing Paths view unlocks it for you.

Why do you need to understand the marketing path in the first place?

So, why does it matter whether you know how many touches your buyers had pre-purchases or which channels those touches occurred on for that matter? 

Essentially, understanding the makeup of your buying journeys, on an individual and aggregate level can help you understand insights such as:

  • Which of your channels are most effective at driving users to purchase
  • Which channels are driving the highest revenue vs. the fastest conversions
  • Which channels are influencing brand new customers

Rockerbox’s Marketing Paths view gives you the ability to explore all of these things and more as they relate to your marketing mix.


How does Rockerbox shed light on the marketing path?

The Marketing Paths view is essentially a dashboard that lets you explore the most common conversions paths for both new and returning customers with conversions in a time period of your choice. We display all marketing touchpoints for conversions during the time frame you select so you can see which of your channels influenced a purchase, from one-touch interactions up to complex, multi-touch paths.

Rockerbox lets users understand the journey their customers take from initial contact with their brand to purchase, and the Marketing Paths view shows these journeys in detail, including highlighting fastest paths, highest earning paths, and more.

  • Highest earning paths
  • Fastest converting paths
  • Paths with high revenue but low volume, which show where you could up your channel investment

How to use the Marketing Paths view to optimize your marketing

One of the best ways to use the Marketing Paths view is to filter down to specific channels. This lets you dig into the impact of that particular channel and how it influences time-to-convert. If you’re trying to optimize for cashflow, for example, exploring conversion time for different channels and marketing paths can help you uncover paths that are converting more quickly so you can increase your investment in those areas. 

We also let you filter by minimum number of touches so you can zero in on just the marketing paths with multiple channels involved. 

Lastly, the Summary Stats box on the Marketing Paths view is a great way to understand some high-level insights into your data without doing a lot of manual work. These key insights show you highest earning, fastest converting, and most common touchpoints, and you can filter them by channel to get more specific information.

Next Steps: See it Live

Understanding the buyer path is key to running the right mix of marketing campaigns across search, social, offline, display and more. Rockerbox’s Marketing Paths view can unlock visibility into this view, and it’s a game-changer for marketers looking to bring more data to their strategy. 

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