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14 Apr 2020
Product | 2 min read

Automatic Email Ingestion

Rockerbox - Ron Jacobson Written by Ron Jacobson
on April 14, 2020

Companies need to know who their customers are. Reaching out to existing customers with promotions, company updates and product launches are easy and low cost ways to generate revenue. Emailing potential customers that stopped after adding products to their cart is a great way to convert an otherwise lost prospect. These strategies require capturing as many e-mails as possible, whether on your site, in your app or in your retail store.

Given how important capturing e-mails is, we're making it as simple for our customers to automatically pass this data along to Rockerbox. We've done this by building out automatic integrations with the leading email capture providers.

Which providers have we integrated?

How does it work?

Rockerbox's on-site pixel automatically detects when an email is captured through one of our integrated vendors. Upon detection, Rockerbox automatically tracks the conversion and associates the device with the user’s email address. You can then view attribution reports of marketing channels that are most effective at driving email signups.

Why is it beneficial to send this data to Rockerbox?

Rockerbox centralizes, normalizes and cleans all of your marketing data. This goes across paid digital, non-paid digital and offline. Our goal is to provide the most accurate representation of each user's path to conversion as possible. Leveraging 1st party identifier such as email is the best way to ensure that we are connecting marketing activities across devices and over long periods of time as accurately as possible.

No more confusion. Just real marketing insights.

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