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18 May 2022
Product | 5 min read

[NEW] Rockerbox Data Warehousing: The Data You Need—Where You Need It

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on May 18, 2022

You know the feeling—you have burning questions about your marketing. Questions about which channels are performing and which aren’t, how offline is performing compared to online efforts, whether your spend allocation makes sense and your advertising choices are helping you move the needle at all.

These are questions that need answering yesterday, and the answers could decide whether you scale or remain stagnant in an increasingly competitive and complex ecommerce landscape. And it’s not just marketing that’s asking—teams across your organization from finance to the exec level rely on insights into channel performance, spend, and customer behavior to grow the company in the long run.

That’s where Rockerbox’s new and improved Data Warehousing add-on comes in.

Quick View: Rockerbox Data Warehousing


Rockerbox Data Warehousing highlights:
  • Access business-critical insights fast. Get comprehensive advertising platform data plus Rockerbox data on marketing touchpoints, spend, and individual conversions.
  • Destroy data silos. Instead of pulling the data you need from multiple different tools, simplify to one source of truth that can sync the data you need to your data warehouse. From there, you can get data into the dashboards you’re already using.
  • Free up your team to do work that matters. There’s meaningful work and there’s mindless work. If you don’t have to bog your team down with the burden of creating and managing complex data integrations, why would you? Rockerbox’s Data Warehousing integrations help you free up engineers and analysts to do the work that actually makes a difference to your bottom line.
Key aspects you and your team will love:
  • Support for three major data warehouse platforms: Snowflake, AWS Redshift, and Google BigQuery.
  • Data syncs in minutes and continuously updates as new spend and marketing data is available from offline and digital platforms, which is especially helpful since these channels don’t report in real-time.
  • User-friendly interface for you to connect your data warehouse platform, select datasets to sync, and see the status of your data.

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Introducing: Expanded Data Warehousing Integrations

Rockerbox’s Data Warehousing integrations—an add-on feature for Rockerbox customers—help growth-focused DTC and ecommerce companies uncover business-critical insights and enable data-driven decision making. With integrations to three popular data warehouses, you can easily sync crucial marketing data into your own analytics stack where your team can use it to produce all the insights you need in the platforms you already use.

Our quick and simple integrations with Snowflake, AWS RedShift, and Google BigQuery help you get this data into your data warehouse without requiring excessive work from engineering. When engineering isn’t overtaxed and data teams have the information they need in the format they need it, your entire team is freed up to focus on what matters—marketing and customer insights that help you move the needle.

Platform data, conversions, spend—all from one source

Finally—a single source for the marketing and advertising data you need to make smart spend decisions and optimize your marketing. Rockerbox’s integrations with Snowflake, Google BigQuery, and AWS Redshift unlock insights from two crucial datasets:

  • Comprehensive advertising platform data gets you access to granular metrics directly from advertising platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Google—the raw state helps your team run their own custom internal analyses and work marketing data into existing dashboards. You can also compare platform data to Rockerbox reported numbers to get a more realistic view of ad platform performance and make more educated in-platform optimizations.
  • Log-level Rockerbox data gives you access to deduplicated conversion and marketing touchpoint data across all your marketing activities. Your data teams can use this information to see CPA and other metrics, and you can combine Rockerbox’s user data with your own internal records to get even more insight into what drives customer purchases.

Marketing data available in the platforms and dashboards you’re used to

Rockerbox data in your data warehouse helps you get crucial marketing data into your existing business intelligence tools and dashboards, effectively breaking down data silos in your organization. Instead of pulling data from multiple different sources, Rockerbox offers a single source of all the marketing data you need to understand your marketing performance and make better, faster, data-driven decisions. Better yet, since data feeds directly into your data warehouse and then into your existing dashboards, you don’t have to alter existing processes.


Less manual work, more focus on what really matters

Rockerbox’s Data Warehousing integrations get the right data into your systems without requiring limited engineering resources to build and maintain custom data integrations between platforms.

In case your engineering team hasn’t told you, doing the backend work to get data into your data warehouse in a format that data analysts can use is seriously time-consuming. When Rockerbox’s integration eliminates the need for custom solutions or managing multiple different data connections, your data analysts can focus on LTV, channel overlap, and other complex analyses, and your engineering team can spend time managing your internal data, resulting in an even deeper understanding of your business and your customer.


Solve your—and your team’s— frustrations



With all the data available these days, marketing’s moved beyond the stage of “liquor and guessing,” but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get a holistic view of what’s working and not at your organization. Hunting through multiple tools, hounding data and engineering teams to get the information you need—all of it can feel frustrating when you just want to skip to the business of optimizing your marketing and advertising activities. Engineers and analysts also feel the burden of decentralized data as the job of managing it and making sense of it is almost entirely on their shoulders.

With Rockerbox, every team gets to benefit from having a single source of marketing truth AND the capabilities to sync that data to internal systems.


Stop managing your data—Start acting on it.


Already use Rockerbox?

If you're on Snowflake, AWS Redshift, or Google BigQuery, and haven't been able to leverage Rockerbox's Data Warehousing integration yet, it’s the right time to take another look at this powerful add-on. We now integrate with three data warehousing platforms, offer comprehensive data straight from advertising platforms, and have added additional columns to existing datasets. If you’re interested, email your client alias and your CSM will follow up with you.


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