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09 Jun 2021
Product | 3 min read

Product Launch: Data Warehousing

Rockerbox - Ron Jacobson Written by Ron Jacobson
on June 09, 2021

Today, we're excited to announce the launch of Rockerbox Data Warehousing. Rockerbox Data Warehousing provides DTC ecommerce companies access to their marketing data where they need it -- in their data warehouse. Instead of dedicating engineering time and resources to build and maintain an ETL pipeline out of Rockerbox, our customers are now fully able to focus on what matters -- drawing actionable insights to grow their businesses.


DTC ecommerce companies use Rockerbox as their single source of truth for marketing. To accomplish this, Rockerbox constructs the foundational marketing data sets (path to conversion, conversions, spend and sessions) that are needed to enable decision making. Constructing these data sets is complicated. It requires vendor integrations, identity resolution, cross device mapping, probabilistic modelling, proprietary data sets, normalizing taxonomies -- all items that Rockerbox manages for our customers so they can focus on answering their key business questions.

As DTC companies scale, the set of team members that need access to Rockerbox marketing data sets expands. Suddenly finance needs Rockerbox data for forecasting,  Operations needs Rockerbox data for board presentations and engineering wants to build scripts atop Rockerbox data. While Rockerbox’s UI continues to be home base for marketing analysis, it’s important that Rockerbox empowers our more technical customers with Rockerbox data that's accessible in their data warehouse.


Why did we Build Rockerbox Data Warehousing?

To date, getting Rockerbox data into a data warehouse has been too difficult. It requires Rockerbox customers to deeply understand Rockerbox's data architecture. They need to architect an ETL system that can update data retroactively as certain channels like TV, OTT and Direct Mail report out with delays. Engineering resources are needed, an all too difficult task at resource constrained growing businesses. All together, the process was costly and time consuming for Rockerbox customers. It also distracted from the core mission marketing teams are tasked to solve -- making the best decisions to grow their business. There had to be a better way.



With Rockerbox Data Warehousing, DTC ecommerce companies no longer need to manage any ETL out of Rockerbox. The entire process is managed by Rockerbox, requiring no engineering resources from our customers to get Rockerbox data into their warehouse.

For Rockerbox’s more technical customers, being able to run SQL queries directly atop Rockerbox data is a must have. For Nick Sarnoff, Chief Product Officer at Byte, Rockerbox Data Warehousing enables this:


 “Data Warehousing by Rockerbox greatly reduced the time to building Byte’s internal dashboards off Rockerbox’s de-duplicated view of marketing performance and user path to conversion. This enables everyone at Byte to readily query and conduct ad hoc analysis, making it faster to analyze performance and identify budget and optimization opportunities.” 


For customers that leverage Rockerbox for budget forecasting and cohort modelling, Rockerbox Data Warehousing is a game changer says Celina Wong, Director of Analytics and Strategic Insights at Tula:


“With Data Warehousing by Rockerbox, TULA is now able to have dynamically updated internal forecasting and user cohorting modeling directly off Rockerbox's data. We are able to dig in top user paths and identify ROAS efficiencies. Best of all, we didn't need incremental data engineering resources to quickly get to this integration.".


Looking Forward

Starting today, Rockerbox Data Warehousing is available as an add on to all Rockerbox customers leveraging Snowflake. We’ll be expanding to other warehousing solutions in the second half of 2021.

Looking forward, Rockerbox will continue to invest to make sure DTC ecommerce companies can use Rockerbox as their single source of truth for marketing. We do this by ensuring Rockerbox data is always available, accurate and right where our customers need it. With this taken care of, Rockerbox customers can focus on what matters most -- growing their businesses. 

No more confusion. Just real marketing insights.

Talk to our team about how Rockerbox can change the way you spend—for the better.