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27 Feb 2023
Product | 2 min read

5 Things Rockerbox Released in January 2023

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on February 27, 2023

Every quarter, we release big (we’re talking platform-transforming) updates to Rockerbox. In the past, that’s included data warehousing functionality like no other measurement platform, a full revamp of our UI, entirely new plans, you get the picture.

But in between those huge releases, we’re always improving Rockerbox’s functionality. In this blog, we’ve compiled everything that went live to the platform in January 2023. If you missed last month’s blog, you can see all of our updates from December 2022 here.

Multiple UI and Analytics Improvements

Sometimes our product releases are large, making a highly visible change to the appearance or functionality of the product. In other cases, the changes are small on the surface but contribute in their own right to making Rockerbox an easy-to-user, powerful marketing insights platform. The following four updates fit that latter category.

  • Addition of Facebook 7-Day Click + 1-Day View: When comparing Facebook-reported performance to Rockerbox, users previously could only select Facebook 7-Day Click or 1-Day View. We have now combined the two, matching the output in Facebook Ads manager. Since Rockerbox also factors in both clicks and views, this allows you to see a more accurate comparison between the platforms.
  • Improved Search in the Attribution Report: We made it easier to filter the charts and tables in the attribution report with a simple filter. This tweak allows users to easily drill down to the impact of a particular campaign or tactic.
  • See All Enabled Integrations: With this recent improvement, you can now see all of your integrations under the Data > Advertising Channels view, giving you greater visibility into how many connections you have set up, including when you have multiple enabled accounts.
  • Addition of Statistical Significance in Paths: With this update, Key Insights will show you only the marketing paths that make up at least 5% of your total paths. This means you know you’re seeing buyer journeys that are actually driving significant value to your business.

Support for Google BigQuery Multi-Region

With our Data Warehousing integrations, you can connect Rockerbox to your data warehouse so you can complete additional analysis in your own platforms using Rockerbox’s high-quality user and marketing touchpoint data. In January, we added support for Google BigQuery multi-region, as opposed to just a single region, giving users even more flexibility with how they integrate BigQuery.

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