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Written by Ron Jacobson
on September 01, 2021

We’re excited to announce the launch of Rockerbox Experiments, our newest solution that builds upon our platform’s best-in-class attribution and provides additional measurement capabilities to help enable a more data-driven marketing organization. 

With our expansive ecosystem of integration partners, marketers can now measure and compare experiments with their top platforms, all within Rockerbox to better understand the full scope of their marketing contributions and evaluate which tactics are driving the most effective results for their businesses.

Introducing Experiments dashboard

Create an Experiment in the Rockerbox platform to compare your marketing efforts against a baseline and see each campaign’s incremental impact.



While marketers run experiments within an individual channel, it can be difficult to determine the cross-channel lift of a test. And given that they’re usually spending up to 10% of their marketing budget on testing, understanding incremental lift is critical to maximizing their ROI. Given that many Rockerbox customers are already running experiments, we felt that it’s necessary to give them the right tools to determine cross-channel outcomes and effectiveness. 

As I stated in today's product announcement:

Brands that win today are those that recognize the benefit of having a strong marketing data foundation, upon which the true performance and lift of their marketing can be determined. By bringing together attribution and experiments into a single platform, Rockerbox ensures that brands have the full set of tools needed to scale their organizations."


Why did we build Rockerbox Experiments?

In addition to making it easier to analyze the cross-channel impact of the tests you’re already running, we wanted to ultimately expand the scope of ways that Rockerbox can enable you to measure your marketing—from path to conversion insights with attribution to individual campaign and ad performance with experiments.

Marketers are often told that there is one right way to measure marketing performance. We don’t believe that to be the case. In fact, we recognize that all measurement methodologies have their flaws. Because of this, Rockerbox continues to be agnostic—we will never force a client into any one measurement methodology and always ensure that our clients have all the tools they need all in one place.

My Experiments dashboard

Bring together all of your Experiments with top platforms, like Google and Facebook, within Rockerbox for comprehensive measurement.



With Rockerbox Experiments, brands can now:

  • Compare marketing efforts from their test campaigns against a baseline
  • Uncover the incremental lift of A/B testing and geo-variance tests
  • Report on a campaign's impact on conversions, CPA and ROAS
  • Measure whether their test results are statistically significant

We make getting started simple: once you’ve designed your tests, all you need to do is identify a baseline campaign, add your test campaigns and review your results.

Rockerbox supports creating Experiments from top platforms, such as Google, Facebook, TikTok and more. For a full list of currently supported platforms and instructions on how to set up your first Experiment in Rockerbox, check out our help doc.

image (2)

Identify top-performing campaigns and measure impact on conversions, revenue, CPA, ROAS, lift and more.


Get an Exclusive First Look

Want a behind-the-scenes tour of all that Rockerbox Experiments has to offer? We’re hosting two product webinars this month—one for current Rockerbox customers and one for the general public, both hosted by Rockerbox Product Manager, Eddie Chou, and Head of Marketing, Alyssa Jarrett.

We’ll be discussing why integrating experimentation and attribution is critical for DTC brands and giving an exclusive first look into how Rockerbox Experiments drives more effective marketing performance. Save your spot and RSVP today.

Can’t make it? We’ve got you covered—simply sign up for a one-on-one demo to learn how Rockerbox Experiments can help your brand measure the true value of your marketing.

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