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01 Aug 2022
Webinar | 2 min read

[Webinar Series Recap] Marketing in a Downturn

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on August 01, 2022

With a recession on the horizon (not to mention consumer spending shifts and rising ad prices) DTC marketers can’t afford to waste budgets on marketing that doesn’t work. At the same time, DTC marketers also can’t afford to stop driving sales and bringing in new customers.

In July 2022, we hosted two webinars to help marketers strengthen their approach and succeed despite economic fluctuations. 

How to Measure & Market Smarter in a Recession

When: Available On Demand

Who: Rockerbox Head of Product Sameen Karim

What: We discuss what to expect in these uncertain times and how it could impact your marketing, metrics you need to track for success, how to optimize your marketing to spend smarter, and setting up an analytics foundation for success.

Who’s it for: Marketers just getting started running paid marketing on a few channels (e.g. Facebook and Google).

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Pro-Level Strategies for Marketing in a Downturn

When: Available On Demand

Who: Rockerbox Head of Customer Solutions Sara Livingston

What: We discuss advanced strategies for marketers to make the best decisions even in a rocky economic landscape, including how to not over-cut branding channels, how to maintain new channel testing, and how to better leverage product mix and bundles.

Who’s it for: Marketers at companies with an established paid marketing practice and a marketing mix that could include social channels, OTT, offline, and more.

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Marketing is a difficult job in a normal economic climate, so you’re not alone if you’re wondering how you’re supposed to hit your numbers amid bleak financial forecasts.

Watch one of both of these on-demand sessions today for actionable advice you can use to make the right marketing moves in an uncertain time.

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