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29 Mar 2023
Webinar | 2 min read

[On Demand] Measure Smarter with Rockerbox: Live Demo + Q&A - March 2023

Rockerbox - Maggie Tharp Written by Maggie Tharp
on March 29, 2023

B2C businesses need marketing measurement that’s designed to answer the questions they have about their marketing. Questions like:

  • How much budget should I allocate toward a particular channel?
  • What platforms am I overspending on? Underspending?
  • How are my campaigns performing and where do I have the opportunity to optimize them?

With Rockerbox, everyone from channel managers to CMOs can get access to the data-backed insights needed to keep a high-performing marketing strategy going strong.

In our monthly demo webinar and Q&A, we deliver a walkthrough of our platform and answer questions that anyone has about how to make the most of our software. In our last webinar on March 28, Account Director Steve Dingeldein and Product Marketing Manager Maggie Tharp delivered a thorough overview of key product highlights and also demo-ed our brand new MMM for Shopify feature. Below, read a partial transcript of the webinar Q&A.

Maggie Tharp: We have a question right off the bat about MMM, then a few more about MTA that we'll go over next. The question reads: “Is the increase in revenue on increasing spend on Shopify or on Facebook?”

Steve Dingeldein: Great question. So it is actually based upon the increase in daily spend on a specific platform. And then again, the output is going to be what is the predicted revenue from the change in that spend? Also, if you're talking about historical data, that is from the revenue from Shopify.

Maggie: All right, awesome. I'm going to circle back to a few more questions we had. First question here: “If I was to start with Rockerbox tomorrow, and I plugged in all my platforms, for example, Meta, Google Ads, how far back can Rockerbox go and give me MTA data?”

Steve: Great question. So we don't start tracking that user journey until our Rockerbox tracking is in place. So it would begin once you have the Rockerbox tracking in place. Part of onboarding and implementation is actually inserting the Rockerbox tracking to a subdomain of your website, using what's called CNAME implementation. And this allows Rockerbox to be viewed in a first-party context, and simply a data processor of your data. So the historical data ingestion that is specific to MMM—for MTA tracking, that begins once we implement our tracking. So we would not retroactively be able to build paths to conversion or any of that until our tracking is in place.

Maggie: Ok, and a few more MMM questions came in while we were talking here. First, “Does MMM apply to the negative as well? For example, the channel is dramatically underperforming—Stop spending and assess your creative strategy.”

Steve: Yes. We would be able to make recommendations that are saying, hey, you need to cut back spending. One specific thing—any of the recommendations that we make in that platform, I don't have a particular example teed up for that, but it would say, hey, make incremental changes in that. Not just drastic changes.

Also, our MMM is actually designed to be run, I believe it's once per quarter. Many times, MMM historically has just been a very static, maybe once per year type analysis. With Rockerbox, we're actually planning to allow this to be part of that ongoing lens that you're able to leverage in combination with the other forms of measurement. So, kind of being able to make those changes and then within the next quarter, run that again, and then see the impact of that change as well. Good question.

No more confusion. Just real marketing insights.

Talk to our team about how Rockerbox can change the way you spend—for the better.