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18 Jul 2022
2 min read

Insider Intelligence Report – Using Rockerbox Data to Understand Sustainable Growth in Established Brands vs. DNVBs

Rockerbox - Hillary Walters Written by Hillary Walters
on July 18, 2022

Rockerbox is making waves! In a recent spring 2022 Insider Intelligence report, real-time data and insights from Rockerbox pave the way for a more complete understanding about the ongoing growth of modern DTC ecommerce brands. Contributors track ecommerce growth as it relates to established incumbent (traditional) brands and more recent digitally native brands (DNVBs). 

In the DTC Brands 2022 report, contributors answer questions such as:

  • Is DTC ecommerce still prominent, and how quickly is growth accelerating?
  • Which brands have seen the greatest direct-to-consumer success?
  • What growth strategies are most effective at driving scalable results?
  • How do established brands learn from DNVBs, and vice versa? 

Not only does real-time Rockerbox data play a role in shaping the report’s findings, but Sara Livingston, Head of Customer Solutions, weighs in on important topics like the use of digital ads to drive branding and performance—

When brands can’t scale on Facebook, they go to linear TV and OTT. Nobody that knows better is trying to shove OTT into the same box as Facebook. They’re not running addressable [ad buys]; they’re all running demographic and interest-based buys.” 

If you want to learn more about the modern evolution of direct-to-consumer strategies (and if you’re curious to see which qualities define enduring brands), head over to Insider Intelligence to access the complete report.Download the Full Report from Insider Intelligence

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