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14 Dec 2022
5 min read

How is Rockerbox Different from Other Measurement Platforms?

Rockerbox - Hillary Walters Written by Hillary Walters
on December 14, 2022

To make more informed marketing decisions, your brand needs reliable data that allows you to track performance and possibilities. Unfortunately, sifting through the available attribution options can be a little tricky. 

For example, can you really bank on in-platform metrics? Should you rely on platforms that use only a handful of integrations, or trust those that construct measurement data on experimentation alone? 

At Rockerbox, we believe that having a comprehensive marketing attribution platform is the way to take your brand from launch to scale. That’s why we’ve invested in a multi-method approach that delivers the very best view of your customer journey and marketing performance—period.   

If you’re in the process of comparing measurement platforms, we’re here to help you see how Rockerbox stacks up. Keep reading for a detailed look at how key Rockerbox features can deliver the data you need, when you need it.

What is Rockerbox?

Rockerbox is a marketing analytics platform that uses multiple measurement methodologies to provide brands with a holistic look at the impact of all their marketing.

When it comes to building a reliable framework, Rockerbox isn’t “boxed in” to one single approach, model, or methodology. In fact, we leverage and rely on multi-touch attribution, halo analysis, geo lift tests, and incrementality to provide brands full visibility into their marketing. 

What Makes Rockerbox Unique?

It’s true that there are other marketing attribution tools out there, but Rockerbox has several defining characteristics that set us apart. The main takeaway? We want to be the one place you turn to track all of your marketing activities

This is good news for any brand or business that’s overwhelmed by a bloated analytics stack. Fear not—with Rockerbox, you’ll get access to essential data that’s fully centralized. The result is that you can monitor, measure, track, and test with more confidence. 

In the sections that follow, we’ve compared Rockerbox features to some of the most common approaches of similar tools and platforms. As you’ll see, the comprehensive design of Rockerbox is meant to provide you the best insights across all marketing channels, regardless of how individual ad platforms evolve over time. 

Experiments-Only vs. A Holistic Measurement Approach

Running tests and experiments is a big deal when it comes to managing your marketing activities (and let’s be honest—your budget). But experimentation isn’t the only measurement you have to consider. While some attribution platforms focus only on experimental data, Rockerbox provides a completely comprehensive data suite.

Even though experimentation can help brands discover causal impact and diminishing returns, it’s difficult to measure multiple channels at once. Additionally, experimentation data is based on a specific moment in time, which means that new test data is constantly out of date and requires extra resources to manage.

With Rockerbox, you’ll be able to evaluate your experiments alongside a robust dataset about your customers and marketing activity to help you establish baselines. Moreover, Rockerbox offers insights into other active customer inputs including survey data, promo codes, vanity URLs, funnel position analysis, path to conversion reporting, and much more. 

This means that Rockerbox isn’t a one trick pony. We honor the value of experimentation to your marketing efforts without limiting you to those results alone.

Transparent Measurement Methodologies vs. Proprietary Processes

In some cases, measurement platforms play up the value of “proprietary” technology using buzz words like "machine learning" without any explanation or documentation. These black boxes not only lack independent verification, but they also require you to simply "trust them." On the contrary, Rockerbox focuses on being as transparent as possible about our measurement methodology because we’re so confident in our approach. From our approach to building models to attributing views on Facebook or TV, customers have full visibility into the process and can adjust parameters as they see fit.

Rockerbox’s reporting includes view-through data for display, Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit, and LiveIntent. We help customers gain clarity into harder to track channels like OTT (over-the-top) advertising and offline channels, such as linear TV and direct mail.

Identity resolution is also unique to Rockerbox, and it’s one of the keys that unlocks full data transparency in our modeling. With Rockerbox, you’ll be able to understand each customer better and connect the dots along the marketing journey. 

Limited Ecommerce Tools vs. 75+ Integrations

Many Rockerbox customers are direct-to-consumer brands that rely on platforms like Shopify to conduct business and to generate revenue. But a Shopify-only attribution tool falls short of being able to truly help brands grow.

Instead of getting just one ecommerce measurement platform, you’ll have access to multiple platform integrations with Rockerbox. Not to mention, Rockerbox also offers breakout data by subscriptions, products, and customer types, which further unlocks your brand’s potential.

Unlike other measurement tools, Rockerbox provides expanded attribution windows (up to 200 days), custom conversion events, and offline measurement. These features contribute to helping your brand construct a more comprehensive story as you attract and convert new customers.

Why Do Brands Choose Rockerbox?

Rockerbox is trusted by more than 150 of the most complex digitally-forward brands around the world. Our platform equips these teams and helps them make better marketing decisions, from the first point of contact to repeat sales. We’re proud to help internationally recognizable brands scale with future-proof strategies that contribute to long-term growth.

Here are just a few of the reasons why modern D2C and ecommerce brands choose Rockerbox over other platforms.

  • 75+ integrations (and counting), plus the ability to manage retail, mobile, multiple geographies, and currencies
  • View-through impact for display, Pinterest, Facebook, Reddit, and LiveIntent
  • Offline marketing (TV, Direct Mail)
  • OTT measurement (Hulu, Tatari, BPM, and more)
  • Fully granular reporting, including log-level reporting for each website visitor and customer and advertising performance
  • Dedicated Customer Success team member for technical setup and marketing insights, in addition to a team of product specialists available for technical support
  • Data warehouse integrations that include Snowflake, Redshift, and Google BigQuery
  • Custom-built, data-driven attribution model

Measure Smarter with Rockerbox 

As digital advertising becomes increasingly competitive, it’s time to explore the one platform that doesn’t hinder your ability to measure your marketing activities. 

With Rockerbox, you’ll have the data you need to move beyond in-platform metrics and optimize your conversion data fully. Schedule your 30-minute demo to learn what Rockerbox can do for you.

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