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06 Jan 2022
News | 5 min read

Rockerbox Retro: Our 2021 Year in Review

Rockerbox - Alyssa Jarrett Written by Alyssa Jarrett
on January 06, 2022

It’s an understatement to say that 2021 was a hard year, and with the changing conditions of the pandemic, 2022 (aka 2020: Too Fast, Too Furious) is already shaping up to bring its own challenges.

That’s why the Rockerbox team unplugged the last week of December—to rest, re-energize and reflect on what we achieved in 2021. Because despite the year’s hardships, we believe there is still so much to celebrate.

Today we are honored to announce Rockerbox’s record-setting growth in 2021, including measuring over $1.5 billion in total marketing spend across our client base. As we looked back on the past accomplishments of our customers and our team, these were the milestones that shined brightest.

Customer Growth

Lifting Up Unicorns

Collectively in 2021, Rockerbox clients raised over $2 billion in venture capital, including several companies that have achieved unicorn status, such as Everlywell, Greenlight and Fundbox.

Ringing the Bell

Additionally, numerous Rockerbox customers went public this year, notably On, FIGS and Remitly, achieving cumulative valuations of $27 billion.

DTC Distinctions

Standout accolades among Rockerbox customers also included Fast Company naming Tracksmith as one of its Brands That Matter, TIME recognizing Rothy’s as one of 2021’s Most Influential Companies, and NOBULL becoming title sponsor of the CrossFit Games.


Rockerbox Accolades

A 2021 Digiday Technology Awards Winner

Rockerbox was recognized as the Best Attribution Tool in 2021’s Digiday Technology Awards, which honors the companies advancing the digital media industry by fostering tech-focused innovation.

A G2 High Performer in Attribution Software

According to G2, the world’s leading business solutions review website, Rockerbox was named a High Performer in Attribution Software, based on high customer satisfaction and market presence, with 93% of users giving Rockerbox a 5-star rating.

A 2021 AdExchanger Programmatic Power Player

It was an honor to be selected among hundreds of submissions on AdExchanger’s 2021 Programmatic Power Players, its definitive list of the top agencies, tech providers and strategic partners in the digital marketing industry.


Product Innovations

Q1 2021: Rockerbox Sponsorships

Rockerbox Sponsorships is the easiest way for brands to measure the impact of harder-to-track channels, such as podcasts, influencers, affiliates and other brand sponsorships. Since its launch, we’re now managing $13.8M in total sponsorship spend across all our customers.

Q2 2021: Data Warehousing

We leveraged a key integration with Snowflake to launch Rockerbox Data Warehousing, which increased speed to insight by making it easier and faster to get Rockerbox data into internal analytics tools and dashboards.

Q3 2021: Rockerbox Experiments

Marketers can measure and compare experiments with their top platforms, all within Rockerbox to better understand the full scope of the marketing contributions and evaluate which tactics are driving the most effective results for their businesses.

Q4 2021: New Visitor Analytics

Instead of having to rely on siloed vendor reports or incomplete web analytics, marketers can use New Visitor Analytics to gain exceptional visibility into the initial acquisition sources that impact the top-of-funnel.


Team Recognitions

Sara Livingston Named a Top Woman in Marketing

Our Head of Customer Solutions was recognized as a finalist in “The Data Artist” category of the first-annual Top Women in Marketing Awards for her excellence in performance measurement and contributions and impact to the discipline of marketing.

Sameen Karim Listed as a Star to Know

Our Head of Product was featured in Insider’s 2021 list of Hottest Adtech Companies as a “Star to Know” for his work on our quarterly product launches, including Rockerbox Sponsorships and New Visitor Analytics.

Hosted Our First-Ever Rockertreat

Rockerbox more than doubled its remote-first workforce in 2021, so we needed to find a way to bring the whole team together in-person. Thus, Rockertreat—our Rockerbox company retreat—was born.


To 2022 and Beyond

What we've accomplished to date is truly special, and we’re so grateful to our customers, partners and each and every Rockerboxer who made it all possible. And this is just the start, of course—stay tuned for more on what to expect from Rockerbox in 2022!

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