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08 Sep 2021
News | 4 min read

Rockerbox Recognized By G2 as a High Performer in Attribution

Rockerbox - Alyssa Jarrett Written by Alyssa Jarrett
on September 08, 2021

The people have spoken! Rockerbox is honored to be named a High Performer in Attribution Software, based on high levels of customer satisfaction and positive reviews on the world’s leading business solutions review website, G2.

Rockerbox’s G2 Attribution Product Profile

According to the Fall 2021 G2 Grid® Report for Attribution Software, Rockerbox has been named a High Performer based on high Satisfaction ratings and a continually growing Market Presence.

What does this mean? 93% of Rockerbox users gave the platform a 5-star rating, and users said that they would be likely to recommend Rockerbox at a rate of 97%.

Rockerbox also outranked the industry averages in these crucial Attribution Software capabilities: quality of support (98%) and ease of use (84%).

What Our Customers Are Saying About Rockerbox

With over 1.4 million reviews, G2 represents the real voices of actual software users with first-hand product experiences. Here are just a few testimonials from Rockerbox customers.

"Must have tool for making informed marketing decisions: Rockerbox has developed a model to apply credit for non click-based Facebook transactions. This has been immensely helpful especially given the changes in tracking from iOS14 adoption."

"Simply the best attribution platform: They're on the cutting edge - they stay on top of the entire marketing ecosystem and are very quick to integrate with new platforms and update their own systems given their changing industry dynamics."

"Critical infrastructure for smarter marketing: Hosted Snowflake tables makes getting to the raw spend + attribution + consumer journey data and connecting dots with other business data sets really easy without a ton of ETL work and headaches. Essential for a lean, but data-hungry team."

We're immensely grateful for our clients, who also enthusiastically show their support when they're not using G2, as shown in our 5-star reviews on Shopify and even in these recent tweets shared below.

Attribution Software Defined

G2 defines Attribution Software as a product that is “used by companies to determine how actions, events or touch points during the prospecting and sales processes contribute to the success of their marketing and sales teams.”

To qualify for inclusion in the Attribution Software category, a product must, among other factors:

  • Track multiple marketing and communication channels (TV, social media, phone, email, digital advertising channels, etc.) and capture data on the interactions between the company and its prospects or customers
  • Use multiple attribution models, such as single-touch, fractional or algorithmic attribution
  • Provide dashboards and visualizations for users to understand which activities performed better and why

Learn More

We’re so grateful for our amazing customers and their partnership in establishing Rockerbox as one of the best Attribution solutions in the market. However, this is just the beginning, of course. We’re not going to rest on our laurels and get complacent, but rather use this momentum to keep growing, improving and serving the needs of our customers.

You can download the Fall 2021 G2 Grid® Report for Attribution Software for all the insights, as well as an understanding of how Rockerbox compares to other platforms.

Download this report to:

  • Access Rockerbox’s product profile and read verified user reviews
  • Review customer satisfaction ratings on key metrics like ease of use and quality of support
  • Compare product features across cross-channel and offline attribution, promotion analysis and integrations
  • Unlock additional data on select providers, including average user adoption and ROI

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