Rockerbox ingests, organizes & combines all your data

podcasts advertising channels

Combine with other channels

Understand how podcasts influence digital channels (organic search, paid search etc). See complete user conversion paths.

podcasts tracking

Multiple ways to attribute podcasts

Rockerbox can attribute podcasts through promo codes, vanity URLs and post-purchase surveys.

podcasts advertising revenue analysis

Easy to setup and manage

Rockerbox gives you one place to track your sponsored podcasts and how much you're spending. Adding or adjusting a campaign takes just a few clicks.

How it works


Enter your podcast sponsorships

Tell us the sponsorships you're running, how much you're spending on each, and how you'd like to track them.

podcast advertising path to conversion

Rockerbox attributes users to podcasts

Rockerbox determines if the user engaged with a podcast ad and includes it in their conversion path.

podcast advertising cpa

Analyze your podcast ROI and make adjustments

Leverage Rockerbox's data to determine which podcasts are working and factor in your other paid channels to find your true CPA.

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