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Solving the Problem of Inefficient and Time-Consuming Campaign Optimization

Optimize is designed to maximize advertising campaign budgets. By using performance metrics like Return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) and Cost-per-acquisition (CPA), along with budget constraints, Optimize recommends adjustments to campaign budgets to hit specific goals. It provides granular insights to enhance efficiency within channels and strategies and flags wasteful expenditure, solving for:

Inefficient Marketing Spending

Struggling to allocate your marketing budget effectively at the campaign level, resulting in wasted resources and suboptimal results.


Lack of time for manual analysis

Lacking time to manually track and optimize against CPA and ROAS goals.

Optimize is the all-in-one solution revolutionizing your business growth. 

This powerful platform empowers you to make data-driven decisions, optimize your marketing strategies, and boost conversions like never before. With Optimize, you can hit your ROAS and CPA goals and unlock the full potential of your business.

When to Choose Optimize

Optimize saves time and effort spent on manual campaign analysis by quickly identifying necessary budget changes. Marketers can use this product to make more targeted campaign spending decisions and also flag and eliminate areas of inefficiency


Smart Budget Allocation

Optimize provides comprehensive data insights to ensure your marketing budget is invested strategically in high-performing campaigns, maximizing your ROI.

Campaign Performance Enhancement

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and make timely adjustments for better outcomes.

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How it Works

Set fixed or dynamic goals

Whether you have a specific target in mind or not, you can set goals for your social campaigns, including filters for specific tactics, conversion types, and more.

Get personalized spend recommendations

Add your total available budget and Rockerbox can give you even more targeted advice. 

Monitor progress toward CPA/ROAS goals

After you’ve established your goals, track your progress toward them on an ongoing basis with clear suggestions for where to increase/decrease spend. 

Case Study

Transforming Marketing Strategy with Track at Care/Of

Care/Of, a personalized vitamins and supplements DTC brand, achieved significant growth by adopting an analytically-driven marketing approach, leveraging Track by Rockerbox. The brand faced challenges in understanding the effectiveness of their marketing channels and data.

By choosing Track, Care/Of gained comprehensive insights into their marketing efforts, eliminated non-incremental touchpoints, and improved their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Track empowered Care/Of to build a data-forward culture and make smarter marketing decisions, leading to successful scaling and future growth.


The Problem:
Limited Visibility Into Marketing

Care/Of faced challenges in measuring the impact of their marketing efforts. They lacked a holistic view of their marketing performance, making it difficult to identify effective product lines and allocate budgets wisely.

Additionally, they struggled with understanding the incremental value of certain touchpoints, such as whitelisted influencer retargeting on Facebook, for specific product lines.

This limited visibility hindered their ability to optimize their marketing strategy for better ROI on individual products.

The Solution:
Harnessing the Power of Track and Journey Multi-Touch Attribution

With Journey’s multi-touch attribution capabilities, Care/Of was able to analyze the effectiveness of each marketing channel for specific product lines and eliminate non-incremental touchpoints that overlapped with other tactics. They successfully scaled hard-to-track channels, such as influencers and podcasts, for certain product lines by leveraging Track's robust measurement methods. Furthermore, using Track's de-duplicated ROAS, Care/Of achieved a 46% improvement in Facebook ROAS for targeted product lines through precise campaign, ad set, and ad level optimizations. 

Unlock Your Marketing Potential

Unlock the true potential of your business with Optimize and embark on a journey of growth. Take the leap today and experience the power of data-driven optimization!