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Solving the Age Old Problem of 
Understanding the Customer Journey

Lack of insight into the full customer journey and channel impact

In-channel performance metrics are often duplicated and biased, resulting in an incomplete view of the full customer journey and channel impact. 


Incomplete Attribution

Traditional attribution models often rely on single-touch or last-click attribution, leading to only a partial understanding of the customer journey and overlooking the influence of multiple touchpoints.

Suboptimal Marketing Decisions

Without accurate attribution, businesses struggle to allocate marketing budgets effectively, resulting in suboptimal decisions and missed opportunities for growth.

Precision in Attribution: Journey Delivers Accurate Marketing Insights

Journey's Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) solution empowers businesses to unravel the complexity of the customer journey. By using advanced data analytics and attribution modeling, Journey provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions and marketing performance.

When to Choose Journey

Marketing Analysis Graphics_Marketing Analysis- Attribution

Accurate Attribution Insights

Journey's MTA offers a more accurate and nuanced understanding of how marketing touchpoints influence customer decisions, enabling precise allocation of credit to each channel.

Data-Driven Budget Allocation

With Journey, marketers can confidently optimize their marketing budgets by identifying high-performing channels and reallocating resources for maximum ROI.


Campaign Performance Evaluation

Journey enables marketers to assess the effectiveness of individual marketing initiatives, allowing them to fine-tune strategies and maximize campaign impact.

Improved Customer Engagement

By uncovering the entire customer journey, businesses can create personalized and targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with their audience, driving better engagement and conversions.


How it Works


Data Integration

Journey builds on the foundational data from Collect and/or Track to seamlessly integrate data from various sources, including online and offline channels, into a unified database.

Attribution Modeling

Advanced machine learning algorithms analyze customer touchpoints to create sophisticated attribution models, capturing the influence of each interaction.

Actionable Insights

Journey provides marketers with actionable insights through intuitive visualizations and reports, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

KURU Footwear chose Rockerbox's Journey to gain a deeper understanding of the value of their marketing activities and optimize their paid social channels.

By leveraging Rockerbox's user-level path to conversion data, KURU scaled their social spend by 350%, achieving greater visibility into their approach and strategy, and making informed business decisions in a targeted market.

The Problem

KURU needed to move beyond basic dashboarding and last-click attribution to gain a holistic view of their marketing efforts and understand the impact of view-through data on their overall marketing ecosystem. They also sought to measure offline events accurately to test into new channels effectively.

The Solution

Rockerbox's Journey product provided KURU with synthetic events, enabling them to measure view-through data and offline events accurately. The dynamic and customizable data model of Rockerbox allowed KURU to receive better, quicker, and cleaner answers to critical business questions. With a true partnership approach, Rockerbox's support helped KURU make wise investment decisions.

Connecting the Dots of Your Customer Journey

Unlock the power of Multi-Touch Attribution with Journey and gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ journey. Optimize marketing efforts, drive meaningful engagement, and make informed decisions that fuel your business growth.